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April 19th, 2016

You Need a Chat Bot to Communicate with Gen X and Y

Customer Jon: I need a mobile app for my sales team
DMI Bot: ‎Hi Jon! You’ve come to the right place. Are you just starting to think about this or do you know exactly what you want?
Customer Jon: I know approximately what I want but would like to discuss it with someone.
DMI Bot: Where in the world are you based?
Customer Jon: London
DMI Bot: Do you want me to set up a call with one of our mobile experts in London? ‎If so, when are you available?
Customer Jon: Yes, on Tuesday after 12 noon.
DMI Bot: Great! A meeting has been organized for Tuesday at 3pm GMT with Caroline. Let me know your email address and I will send you the meeting invite. Is there anything else I can help you with?

‎Chat bots have existed for at least 50 years. Eliza was one of the first bots in 1966, and the AI bot Racter even wrote a book back in 1984. IKEA launched one of the early business chat bots in 2005 with great success and so have thousands of other businesses. Line, Telegram and WeChat already have a 100 million users interacting with bots and Microsoft has tens of millions of users interacting with its bots through WeChat in China. But none of that matters.

Last week Facebook announced that they’ve opened up their Messenger application to “bot” developers. Now every business is going to want a chat bot. Or will they?

‎Chat bots are great for the messenger and chat-loving X and Y generations. Instead of picking up the phone, visiting a website or opening up an app, they simply chat with the business they want to engage with. It’s pretty strong logic when it works.

So will it work? Absolutely. It’s worked for 10+ years already and chat bots have lots of benefits including:

  • Instant natural voice or text response to questions
  • Always accurate responses as long as the bot is given the right information
  • Customer identified through their social network profile
  • Compliant with legal requirements as the bot will say what it’s told
  • Personalization and customization based on what’s relevant for each customer
  • Handoff to other channels (web, app or a real person) when the bot cannot satisfy the customer anymore

…and they are getting a lot better. In 2014, at the University of Reading Turinger test competition, a bot by Russian Eugene Goostman convinced 33% of the judges that it was human.

We are super excited about the 3rd chat bot revolution. Let us know ‎how we can help you by contacting us… or maybe by trying out the DMI Bot.

Note: The DMI Bot was set up as an illustrative example in less than 1 hour. ‎Contact us for more information about how to create smart mobile bots.

Magnus Jern, President DMI International

Tags: chatbots insights trends

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