We believe to reach your destination, you must first know where you are headed, why you want to go there and the best route to navigate your path. We help businesses create an actionable roadmap to identify how best to leverage their data. We assist with developing flexible, scalable technology architecture to help businesses drive transformation and realize both short and long-term goals. We understand data is a complicated asset, but when cultivated properly, it can deliver incredible value through better insight, automation, and even as a revenue generator.

The market now realizes this difficulty, as the majority of Machine Learning (ML) projects fail to make it into production or deliver desired results. This is due to a lack of understanding of the framework required to achieve value and successfully connect data engineering, data science, and business operations. Our data science consultants work across all these areas to assess your data management needs, and then deploy the right people and process to effectively initiate setup, data migration, quality and governance programs.







DMI is an end-to-end Digital Transformation services provider covering digital transformation strategy, change management, ecommerce, web and app development, data science and data engineering. Most competitors specialize in just one, or a few of these disciplines, and lack the holistic vision required to ensure all aspects of your data management are coordinated.

With 125+ certified data analytics experts, we work with organizations to create a holistic road map and infrastructure to support insight and enable business users to extract, analyze, and consume data out of a single data platform. Leveraging DMI’s cloud data platform services allow you to shift your focus away from managing disparate infrastructure to gain actionable insights from all data across your enterprise. We enable organizations to scale fast, remove data silos, and add new features and enhancements that expedite speed to market and improve customer retention and satisfaction.