Healthcare is one of the largest, most complex industries in the world. The healthcare space encompasses many sub-industries such as the distribution of healthcare products, the delivery of care through providers such as hospitals, private practices, outpatient surgery centers, laboratories, and nursing homes, and the management of healthcare itself, i.e., health insurance — both on the payer and provider side.

The intricacies of the healthcare delivery value chain encompass the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, illness, and injury via primary, secondary, and tertiary care providers — all of which is facilitated through insurance.

With an array of disjointed networks and siloed systems, the inefficiencies and possibilities for error have been an ongoing challenge. The patient experience outside of the visit has been largely separate and managing care can seem more like a burden than receiving care itself. A digital-first healthcare delivery model aims to leverage data and connectivity to remove barriers like transportation to receive care, paper-based applications and claims, and the repeated exchange of patient information between healthcare and insurance providers.

Industry leaders now seek to create top-down, all-in-one health platforms that incorporate providers, brokers, connected health, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), health integration, value-based care, provider ratings, and more, all under one single digital umbrella.

Global healthcare spending on IT is expected to reach an estimated $162.8 billion by 2025.

Source: Gartner

Global healthcare spending on IT is expected to reach an estimated $162.8 billion by 2025.

Source: Gartner

A digital marketplace for healthcare services will connect 20% of all consumers, payers, and providers by 2025.

Source: Gartner

The global digital health market is expected to grow at a 25% CAGR to reach $500B by 2025

Source: Statistica


At DMI, we believe in an integrated healthcare delivery ecosystem, placing the patient at the center. DMI provides capabilities that converge the digital and physical worlds to enable patients to easily consult with and receive the care they need regardless of the provider they choose. This means creating a seamless connected experience that progresses the patient through every stage of their care, whether virtual or in person. The end goal is to improve the patients’ and providers’ experiences in the process of improving health outcomes.

This connected approach delivers efficiency to all parts of the ecosystem and the healthcare delivery chain. DMI’s mission is to enable a healthcare system that enables providers rather than impeding them, one that connects physicians to patients and both to insurance providers. A system that keeps a patient’s health information secure, but accessible when it matters most.

A digital-first ecosystem allows for greater productivity for each individual physician, clerical healthcare worker, and the business overall. Leveraging AI and data analytics, insurance providers can detect claims fraud and create a more seamless billing process while keeping patients at the center. Imagine a world where patients can receive an all-in-one experience to keep track of their treatment plans, appointments, and claims — while avoiding the repetition of completing forms for each provider.


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