At DMI, we believe that the same data that poses a challenge can become a part of the solution.  We believe that states can remove the guesswork around compliance by leveraging new technology.   We understand the state-level business model and how to connect silos within a larger enterprise landscape.

Our approach to modernization delivers commercial results within a highly complex regulatory framework, improving efficiency and greatly reducing costs to the state, and costs to their constituents in real terms of time and money.  We automate processes, convert lagging technology, and deliver proven solutions across all levels of state and local government.  We’ve developed game-changing solutions around lottery fraud investigation, child welfare case management, and emergency preparedness that can be delivered rapidly and at scale.  As the business of state management evolves, we stand as partners to see the vision from concept to reality.


Services, Solutions and Products that you can utilize through DMI



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In today’s connected world, your business is constantly compared to your competition and those with the best processes and intelligent application of digital technology will have the edge – you don’t have a choice. Constant pressure to evolve, transform and accelerate can be overwhelming all while you strive to maintain a competitive advantage for your core products and services.

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We offer a SaaS fraud case management application to accelerate an inquiry into fraudulent activity from opening to conclusion. The solution eliminates the need for manual entry and delays in fraud reporting. It supports this through automated workflows, reporting, and dashboards to keep directors, case managers, and case workers all on the same page. States with antiquated technology and processes in their gaming and lottery systems will undoubtedly face greater risk by not modernizing with an AI-automated method.

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For over a hundred Fortune 1000 enterprises and all 15 US federal departments, DMI is the trusted digital transformation partner that delivers end-to-end intelligent digital strategy, solutions and support so they can not only adapt and innovate, but also scale to better serve the people in their care.