Leading organizations are embracing digital transformation strategies centered around reimagining their products and services, rethinking the customer experience, reinventing employee productivity, and refining operations to drive efficiency. Our experts bring countless years of experience advising some of the world’s largest enterprises & government entities. Much more than just a planning partner, we can move from strategy into implementation with equal expertise.

Digital transformation is about much more than just new technology- it’s about the people, processes, and tools that are essential to successful change. With the human-centric design-thinking of a digital agency, the next-gen innovation of a digital consultancy, and the agile, scaled delivery of a global IT services provider, we enable enterprises to get to market quickly and get it right the first time.

We strive to make IT organizations a hero by delivering “outside the box” thinking and solutions that fit within their business model, driving increased uptime, performance, service, and security.  Supporting hundreds of clients globally, covering millions of devices and support contacts, DMI provides enterprise-grade managed services with a focus on customer experience, technology innovations and real-time analytics and insights.




DMI is a global technology solutions company that specializes in digital strategy, design, transformation, and support. We are committed to being the partner of choice for innovators and change makers who see the power of emerging technology to redefine both their industry boundaries and their people’s potential. We believe that digital transformation is an end-to-endless evolutionary process that requires intelligent solutions and partners that meet organizations where they are. Digital consultants at the core, we bring deep industry expertise, business strategy and a collaborative approach to navigate your unique digital journey and shape what’s next.

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To deliver on the most challenging and innovative opportunities, we partner with strategic players across multiple platforms and technologies. DMI is the trusted digital transformation partner that delivers end-to-end intelligent digital transformation strategy, solutions, and partner ecosystems to support, adapt, innovate, and scale to better serve our customers and the people in their care.


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What are the key areas of digital transformation?2021-11-22T09:58:22-05:00

Digital transformation penetrates and evolves nearly every aspect of an organization by transforming company culture, business processes and technology adoption to enable a business to quickly adapt to changing market and digital forces and meet future challenges head-on.

In doing so, digital transformation’s key areas are:

  • Transforming business processes
  • Transforming business operations
  • Transforming the understanding of and relationships with customers
What do digital transformation consultants do?2022-06-01T11:40:10-04:00

The role of our digital transformation consulting is to assess an organization’s current digital capabilities and identify processes that can be changed, technologies that should be adopted and strategies to adopt to help that organization become more customer-centric and, ultimately, more profitable.

Does digital transformation ever end?2021-11-22T09:56:25-05:00

Adapting to the digital age requires businesses to upgrade their operational frameworks and strategies. It’s more than upgrading technologies — it’s about embracing methodologies and adopting skill sets designed to adapt to the unknown.

Digital transformation is like evolution in nature. We like to say it’s end-to-endless. Businesses that claim to have finished transformation are likely not very well connected to their customer behavior or their technology ecosystems.

How is digital transformation success measured?2021-11-22T09:55:19-05:00

Since digital transformation is more about infusing technology into an organization and changing the way businesses serve customers from their very core, it’s difficult to measure success independently. Digital transformation cuts across departments and into business processes, so centralized metrics are difficult to quantify.

Instead, good digital transformation is measured by successes in overall business outcomes and determined by shareholders and the senior leadership. When the leadership can make better business decisions faster, digital transformation is working.

Why is digital transformation so important?2021-11-22T09:54:49-05:00

Advances in technology are causing businesses and industries to shift at lightning speed. More importantly, customer expectations are changing and evolving as a result of these modifications. Digital transformation enables businesses to adapt to these changes and guide the evolution of their respective markets while adequately responding to customer demands.

How do you develop a digital transformation strategy?2021-11-22T09:54:14-05:00

A digital transformation strategy is different for every business and every industry. It involves looking at an individual organization and how it currently operates while consulting with leadership and determining business goals.

From there, strategies are built in accordance with the competition and customer experience expectations within the given industry. Some strategies may require significant digital adoption across various departments and restructuring of business processes, so it’s important to enlist the help of a consultant with significant expertise in this type of transformation.

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