Driven by DMI’s Data Consulting foundations, our Data Science Delivery team draws from vast experience in operationalizing machine learning to meet customers’ business objectives. Whether it’s about in-flight AI/ML projects that are hitting some turbulence, or starting a new initiative, we are able to work seamlessly with an array of platforms and technologies to achieve measurable business results. At the core of everything we do is a focus on your success: Your business, your deliverables, and your timelines.





DMI is an end-to-end Digital Transformation services provider covering digital transformation strategy, change management, ecommerce, web and app development, data science and data engineering. Most competitors specialize in just one, or a few of these disciplines, and lack the holistic vision required to ensure all aspects of your data management are coordinated.

With 125+ certified data analytics experts, we work with organizations to create a holistic road map and infrastructure to support insight and enable business users to extract, analyze, and consume data out of a single data platform. Leveraging DMI’s cloud data platform services allow you to shift your focus away from managing disparate infrastructure to gain actionable insights from all data across your enterprise. We enable organizations to scale fast, remove data silos, and add new features and enhancements that expedite speed to market and improve customer retention and satisfaction.

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