Our team of experienced consultants have guided countless complex enterprises through large-scale business transformation initiatives. We can advise on how your business can benefit from reinventing outdated processes while modernizing your application portfolio. What’s more, we offer a proprietary approach to measuring Value, Quality, Progress & Productivity which we track by SLAs to ensure Agile teams are fully optimized.

Transform Your Applications

Application development, maintenance and improvement are extremely challenging, even for the most effective organizations. The rising tide of technology innovations means businesses are constantly adapting, improving and iterating on their products to meet customer and competitive demands. And the pressures to stay competitive often mean an organization’s applications end up serving unclear business objectives or leave them with enormous technical debt.

At DMI, we help organizations that are in the business of innovation overcome the challenges associated with complicated application portfolios. By analyzing, optimizing and improving application portfolios across a range of metrics, including security, technology and design, we allow businesses to focus on what’s really important.

  • Improve and standardize business processes within the organization
  • Enhance and improve innovation and market agility
  • Streamline adoption of cutting-edge technologies
  • Reduce project integration risks

Allowing DMI to help with the digital transformation services of your application portfolio means your business can push the boundaries of its creativity and innovation while maximizing the value of existing investments and improving the entire user experience, whether it’s customer-facing or internal.

A Road Map for Business Success

In the digital realm, businesses have long faced the key decision of innovating or improving what’s already there. With DMI, it’s a decision you no longer need to make. We allow your organization to push the envelope while we take care of modernizing, optimizing and migrating your application portfolio. And with best-in-class journey mapping and user research, we find the weak or redundant areas in your portfolio, allowing you to trim unnecessary applications and focus on what works.

Future-Proof Your Portfolio

Modernizing and rationalizing your application portfolio doesn’t just improve your portfolio now; it sets your organization up for the future. At DMI, we always have an eye on the horizon, and we pride ourselves on helping organizations implement next-generation technologies that serve them for years to come.

  • Reduced application sprawl over time with development road maps
  • Avoid future technical debt as your organization continues innovating
  • Easier adoption and integration of future technologies

Rationalizing and modernizing your application portfolio improves your business’s current efficiency and creates a springboard for agility and effective implementation of future innovations. An optimized and streamlined portfolio means better processes, better user experiences and a better business — from the ground up.

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