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As businesses increasingly rely on technology, the potential for cyber attacks increases. A cyber attack can have a significant negative impact on a business, including loss of revenue, damage to reputation, and litigation expenses. The best way to protect your business from these risks is through a comprehensive risk assessment and cyber risk management strategy. By implementing a cyber risk management approach, you can reduce your exposure to cyber-attacks and minimize the damage if ever an attack occurs. Here are some of the benefits of implementing a cyber risk management strategy: 




For over a hundred Fortune 1000 enterprises and all 15 US federal departments, DMI is the trusted digital transformation partner that delivers end-to-end intelligent digital strategy, cyber risk assessments, cyber risk mitigation solutions, and cybersecurity risk support so they can not only adapt and innovate, but also scale to better serve the people in their care.

Cyber Risk Management in Digital Transformation

risk assessment tor each information security risk criteria

Digital transformation is all about movement: movement from old systems to new systems adapting to the ever-changing established risk acceptance criteria, and movement from analog processes to digital processes. Cloud-based solutions and on-site technologies both need protection from cybersecurity threats — which is where DMI comes in.

DMI’s status as an international leader in information security risk management makes it the perfect digital security partner. When you collaborate with DMI, you choose a world-class all-in-one enterprise risk management partner. We begin with a system audit and a cybersecurity risk assessment to identify cyber risks, including current and potential future external security threats and insider threats.

Then, we create a custom cyber risk management report and draft a plan to ensure organizational data, consumer data and systems stay secure. We communicate with stakeholders, stabilize vulnerable systems and mitigate residual risks. Finally, we develop secure programs and procedures to replace outdated digital assets.

We take sector-specific cybersecurity laws seriously at DMI — including HIPAA, the GDPR and PCI DSS. To maintain information security compliance, we have instituted an information security risks management system that meets the international ISO 27001 standard. You gain peace of mind — and a safe, secure and fully scalable digital infrastructure.

  • Effective enterprise risk management
  • Comprehensive cyber threat modeling
  • Robust technology cybersecurity framework development
  • Industry-leading security controls
  • Proactive incident response program

Cyber Risk Management in the Real World

risk management initiative for the real world
Incident response and disaster recovery plans are a vital part of cyber risk management. When cyber attacks happen, you need a way to recover — and fast. We can help you analyze your threat landscape, determine your risk appetite, develop tools to ensure your systems stay secure and learn how to bounce back from cybersecurity incidents.

  • Benefit from DMI’s enterprise-level cyber risk management experience
  • Stay compliant with sector-specific cybersecurity laws and regulations
  • Create and implement a workable disaster recovery plan

Experts in managing risk, we’ll help you understand your risk tolerance and identify any emergent issues before cybersecurity events occur. For a cost-efficient, experienced cybersecurity risk management ally, look no further than DMI.

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