With 125+ certified data analytics experts, we work with organizations to create a holistic road map and infrastructure to support insight and enable business users to extract, analyze, and consume data out of a single data platform. We have deep expertise in advanced data use cases – from data science to application development. Our approach to a modern data platform is based around our understanding of the needs of these modern workloads.

Leveraging DMI’s cloud data platform services allow you to shift your focus away from managing disparate infrastructure to gain actionable insights from all data across your enterprise. We enable organizations to scale fast, remove data silos, and add new features and enhancements that expedite speed to market and improve customer retention and satisfaction.

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Ease the Challenges Associated with Data Platforms

Businesses are realizing they need to take a more data-driven approach to ensure their company’s success. Dashboards with descriptive analytics are great, but without the right data, these tools don’t do much to improve process efficiency and decision-making. 

But implementing and taking advantage of data isn’t simple. Truly leveraging its power requires expertise to develop and deploy machine learning workloads and a keen awareness of business problems so the data isn’t simply a pool of information. 

Leverage the Power of Data with Confidence

DMI has the necessary tools and talent to tackle these issues and provide the desired solutions. We successfully complete every project that comes our way, offering genuine value thanks to our ML operation expertise. Our data strategy and architecture experts collaborate closely with you throughout the process of gathering requirements so we can design, engineer and effectively execute your project.

Having selected your data platform, we provide an appropriate architecture solution for your business to meet your needs today while retaining the agility to adopt the features and support workloads of your future data.

DMI brings together designers, architects, developers and data scientists to envision and scale new ideas with your team. The resulting architecture includes all the enabling technology needed to build a solution that works for your business. We’ll help you build a data platform for analytical, operational and digital processes while reducing data management operating costs. 

Transform Your Organization with DMI

With our end-to-end design thinking, agile and DevOps methodologies, you can ideate, develop, measure, iterate and scale solutions without compromise. With your team and a diverse group of experts in business, design and technology at your disposal, you can accelerate time to value and embrace cutting-edge technologies through the collaboration.

All so you can transform critical data into valuable insights with analytical and visualization capabilities that impact business strategy and planning.

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