This policy encompasses Digital Management Holdings, LLC, Digital Management, LLC, and Digital Mobile Innovations, LLC and its direct and indirect subsidiaries, collectively referred to in this policy document as “DMI,” “we,” or “company.”

The Policy:

DMI remains steadfastly committed to its endeavor to lead by example in sustainability, and continues to reduce its environmental footprint by focusing on three key areas: our facilities, our employees, and our travel. As an enterprise digital transformation-based company, we already have a relatively low environmental impact. DMI aims to find the most sustainable ways to drive innovation, conserve resources, and contribute to the goal of addressing climate change when providing goods and services to our customers. DMI annually reports on corporate metrics and our progress towards improving our company’s economic, environmental, and social impacts.

  1. Facilities:
    1. DMI promotes green initiatives across the company. When selecting office space, we purposefully choose property management companies that value environmental consciousness.
    2. DMI has offices in 7 countries around the globe. DMI enables employees to telework, allowing us to lower our carbon footprint. Employees additionally rely on virtual meeting software solutions instead of traveling.
    3. DMI recycles at all of its facilities, uses responsibly-sourced paper products approved by the Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and participates in printer toner recycling programs. We also encourage reusing electronics, procuring energy efficient electronics and appliances, and many more similar efforts.
  2. Employees:
    1. DMI is a diverse, prosperous and rewarding place to work. Being part of the DMI family means we care about our employees’ wellbeing as well as our impact on our community and the environment.
    2. What does wellbeing mean to DMI?
      1. Community – Blood drives, monthly volunteering opportunities.
      2. Professional Development –Continuing education and tuition assistance, career enrichment and advancement to help each employee with their professional and personal development.
      3. Wellness –Wellness programs, Flu Shots, on-site lactation rooms provide employees with several wellness options.
    3. DMI provides our employees with cloud computing solutions to enable collaborative environments and reduce the need for printed documents.
    4. DMI’s commitment to sustainability is evidenced in our recycling program, secure shredding program, and use of reusable mugs and water tumblers at our offices.
  3. Travel:
    1. DMI forgoes long-distance travel for internal purposes in favor of virtual meetings whenever possible. We meet clients virtually to lower our carbon footprint, keep travel costs down, and reinvest those savings in our workforce.
    2. DMI encourages its employees to opt for public transportation whenever possible, both for client and internal business travel. Employees based at DMI headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland and nearby offices in Virginia take advantage of the DC Metro Area’s strong public transportation presence, which reduces their carbon footprints.
    3. DMI promotes alternative transportation solutions, such as carpooling, by connecting interested employees to such solutions.

DMI performs an annual review of its commitment to our Sustainability Policy in the fourth quarter. Annual review results and metrics will be available upon request. DMI is committed to further improving its sustainability efforts and achieving demonstrable year-over-year improvements.