Rising cost pressures, scientific breakthroughs, expanding demand for healthcare resources, and emerging digital capabilities are pushing the pharmaceutical industry, biotech, and medical device companies to explore unconventional business models and build value-based customer relationships.

The sector is at the forefront of an international drive to develop new treatments and therapeutics with a connected element, while meeting global healthcare and data regulations. There is increased pressure to find modern solutions and embrace digital transformation to today’s healthcare and societal issues which will have an impact on future economies and people’s quality of life.

New, connected healthcare (IoMT) solutions help improve patient experience and actual health outcomes by reminding them of their medication regimens, keeping them in close contact with their healthcare providers, alerting them to their own rapidly shifting biomarkers, and more. These connected solutions and digital tools in turn collect data on patients about their bodies’ responses to medication and treatments. This data will be leveraged through data science and advanced analytics to rapidly accelerate the R&D for future treatments and scientific breakthroughs, improving health outcomes of not just current patients, but future patients as well.

Total global annual shipments of wearable medical devices are expected to increase by a 12.5% CAGR to 637M in 2024.

Source: IDC

Total global annual shipments of wearable medical devices are expected to increase by a 12.5% CAGR to 637M in 2024.

Source: IDC

of life science CIOs expect increase in technology investments from 2021 to 2022, particularly in cybersecurity, digital transformation, AI/ML, and distributed cloud.

Source: Gartner

Remote monitoring, artificial intelligence, and automation are expected to generate between $1.5T – $3T in healthcare system cost savings by 2030.

Source: McKinsey

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At DMI, we believe in embracing a cloud-first digital transformation strategy centered around reimagining our customer’s products and services, rethinking the patient experience, reinventing employee productivity, and refining operations to drive efficiency.

DMI brings domain expertise in the Life Sciences & Pharma industry, providing strategic consulting to numerous clients in both the public and private sectors. We aim to modernize the patient experience by delivering industry-leading health analytics and establishing state-of-the-art digital health information exchange.

We believe in leveraging digital technology to make life easier for providers and patients alike. We strive to provide the digital building blocks needed to save lives with innovative, first-to-market healthcare solutions. As healthcare delivery, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical devices converge and connect digitally, the lines between industries blur. We believe this convergence requires a patient-centered health ecosystem that saves time, money, and, most importantly, lives.


Services, Solutions, and Products for digital transformation in the pharma industry.

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DMI’s innovative digital solutions are able to seamlessly connect devices and software to deliver a complete patient data ecosystem. We enable devices, develop and integrate applications, manage different digital channels and connect the back-end databases needed to support a true Internet of Medical Things (IoMT): An infrastructure of health systems and services that improves patient outcomes while reducing the burden and costs of healthcare.

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With over 2,000 employees, including hundreds of digital transformation strategy experts, we have the resources to modernize your healthcare business. We provide our clients with a partnership that not only helps their organization identify critical market inflection points, but delivers digital transformation strategy, implementation, and support throughout the entirety of the digital journey to create the new digital healthcare ecosystem.