With the recent and rapid onset of change across the travel and leisure industry, as much as 96% of businesses have been forced to modify their go-to-market strategies.  New challenges include managing customer expectations and health concerns around public spaces such as airports, theme parks, museums, hotels, restaurants, live event venues and movie theatres. In addition to working on contactless technology beyond point of sale, these businesses have also turned to many more robust forms of digital engagement to reach customers.

In the process of redefining the “new normal”, new buyer trends and behaviors continue to emerge. The demand for travel is growing once again, yet customers have been exploring new forms of travel to include wellness, small group, and family trips. With the broadening spectrum of consumer preferences and behaviors, it is more important than ever for travel and leisure businesses to leverage digital solutions to engage with customers.

Estimated market size of online travel booking platform industry by 2027.

Source: Statistica

Estimated market size of online travel booking platform industry by 2027.

Source: Statistica

Percent of worldwide tourism and travel sales made online in 2020. Estimated to reach 72% by 2025.

Source: Statistica

Through leveraging DX investments, operators realize a 20% increase in customer loyalty

Source: IDC


DMI helps companies within the travel and leisure industry achieve their goals and take advantage of these consumer trends by leveraging several of our key differentiators.  We believe that consumers are trending toward a wider spectrum of behavior that pairs travel styles with health and safety, so it is vital to cater to each individual traveler on a granular level. We see these industry changes as opportunities for evolution, rather than threats to business.

Through our three global design studios in Virginia, Spain, and India, we deliver the best possible results for our clients through collaboration in exploring new business models, while developing the technology to support them. With our CX Innovation Framework and Methodology, we meet our clients wherever they are in their CX journeys to help them reach their goals.

DMI’s robust experience with data management and optimization means that we can quickly identify key gaps in customer data and tactics. We focus on understanding consumer behavior and predicting future consumer trends to drive more revenue from both new and existing customers with a faster speed to market.


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