Intelligent Digital Transformation.

Enhancing security and driving mission success for U.S. defense, civilian and healthcare agencies.

Managed IT Services

DMI is a leading information technology (IT) solutions and business strategy consulting firm. We provide solutions to transform agency operations, aligning innovative, robust, and versatile technology capabilities with mission success. We craft solutions that increase interoperability, responsiveness, and cost-effectiveness. DMI delivers network, applications, systems, and management managed services to multiple enterprises.


DMI provides Cybersecurity Services using a mix of DMI and partner services to complement our infrastructure and security managed services offerings. We leverage industry-recognized tooling and product solutions to ensure a complete and thorough representation of the environment through robust and clear reports. Solutions we provide address areas such as penetration testing of systems, security auditing of hardware and software, and overall health checking of the IT infrastructure.

Enterprise Application Services

DMI has been building intuitive, dynamic, award-winning solutions for nearly 20 years. A unique, customer-centric approach has allowed DMI teams to deliver exceptional mobile and web applications leveraging Open Source, a wide range of Off-the-shelf, and bespoke software solutions that powerfully extend our clients’ mission to their customers and users.

Mobile Services

For almost 20 years, DMI has been helping organizations manage complex and highly dynamic mobility programs worldwide. It’s more crucial than ever that operators have secure, well-managed mobile management systems in place. DMI’s award-winning solutions help drive productivity while slashing costs.

Digital Strategy

DMI has led efforts in transforming and innovating IT initiatives within the health and human services industry, including the U.S. Federal Government, State & Local Governments, and Fortune 500 companies. With over 640 consultants, we leverage our proven VisionNEXT framework to align strategy across an immensely diverse agency with our unique convergence-based frameworks, mapping techniques, and digital platform design tools.

Data Analytics

DMI has implemented more than 50+ projects over the years across industries like healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial services, automotive and manufacturing, and retail. Offering over 1,220 data scientists, architects, analysts and developers, DMI possesses extensive experience implementing a Data Warehousing and Reporting solution across tools like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, AWS, Talend, Teradata, and other tools.


DMI is a global digital services company that focuses on intelligent digital transformation. Wherever you are on your digital journey, we will meet you where you are and provide the business alignment, technical expertise, and partnership to take you where you need to go. From data-centric back-end innovations to user-centered front-end experiences, DMI designs and implements solutions that help our clients transition, transform and transcend digital disruption.

Since 2002, we’ve grown to 2,500+ employees in 10 countries. We have worked with over a hundred Fortune 1000 enterprises and all 15 US federal departments to challenge industry boundaries and create intelligent digital solutions that transform our world. Our six unique DMI Groups work both independently and collaboratively to deliver integrated solutions for our clients’ needs in AI & Analytics, Commerce, Experience, Managed Services, Transformation, and Government.

To us, intelligent digital transformation means transforming with purpose. It isn’t reactive, or linear. It is unique, experience-driven and dynamic. We help our clients find and implement their digital purpose by converging data, technology and humans to drive business outcomes and become the digital leaders of tomorrow.

DMI’s forward-thinking, innovative approach to IT has won us 89 Prime contracts and dozens of commercial clients. Nimble enough to offer the flexibility and speed you need, and robust enough to quickly scale. Trusted to provide mission-critical support throughout the federal government and world-leading commercial enterprises, DMI has the expertise and creative spirit to drive innovation across enterprises.


For over a hundred Fortune 1000 enterprises and all 15 US federal departments, DMI is the trusted digital transformation partner that delivers end-to-end intelligent digital strategy, solutions and support so they can not only adapt and innovate, but also scale to better serve the people intheir care.