The term business intelligence refers to applications and technologies used to collect, integrate, analyze and provide access to business data to help enterprise users make better business decisions. Business Intelligence can be applied across different verticals such as finance, sales, marketing, operations and human resources. Business Intelligence (BI) tools are capable of providing different data cisualization like charts, graphs, scorecards and dashboards. These BI tools give a clear view of trends and patterns that gives a lot of benefits.




With 125+ certified business intelligence and data analytics experts, our team specializes in transforming complexity into customizable, responsive design business intelligence tools that lead to organizational buy-in, as well as increased user adoption, ROI and productivity. Our collaborative approach can help you create rapid on-the-fly online analytical processing, build science-based models, and operationalize your analytics in a cost-effective manner that puts the power of big data in the hands of your workforce.

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Creating Business-Driven Insights

Business data analysis for decision making

We know moving your raw data to cloud services can be a complicated process. For larger organizations, true digital transformation takes months or even years, leaving business users with hybrid systems with one foot on the ground and the other in the cloud. And when there’s a merger or acquisition on the table, complications increase tenfold.

Moreover, turning raw data and historical data from multiple sources into actionable insights that drive your business seems like an impossibility. Connecting and maintaining business data pipelines requires a team with a diverse set of advanced skills that’s difficult to come by.

DMI has those skills. Our approach to business intelligence involves deploying expert data architects and engineers, including ETL engineers, with the know-how to build pipelines from multiple sources or even build a modern, cloud-based platform around a data lake.

Those same architects help clients increase their self-serve capabilities, meaning quicker business decisions, better ROI and reduced time to market. But it requires a strong BI software governance to ensure workloads, metrics and duplicate reporting don’t spin out of control.


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With the ever-shifting landscape of data analysis, the ability to collect and interpret data and turn it into actionable insights is crucial. It means the difference between an organization that falls behind and one that’s capable of pivoting quickly and capitalizing on new opportunities.

At DMI, we’re in the business of delivering modern cloud-native solutions and business intelligence platforms to help your organization achieve its goals. We develop comprehensive architectures that adapt to diverse workloads and data requirements while also meeting the requirements of legacy systems — all without sacrificing efficiency or cost-effectiveness. Our bi tools provide the necessary flexibility to meet any challenge, from full digital transformation to merging various data platforms.

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