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Among the first SI’s to work with MACH technologies, DMI has leveraged leading technology for many enterprise and mid-market B2C and B2B companies globally. Our deep experience across platforms comes from the fact we’ve worked in these industries…and have seen first-hand what it takes to evaluate, implement and manage site performance across multiple ecommerce platforms.

“I am a huge DMI fan, they continue to work at JTV. When you find a good system integrator you stick with them! They have become good friends and partners.”
– CTO Chris Meystrik, JTV

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The last 18 months were eye-opening for commerce leaders. Online quickly became a requirement while at the same time providing an outstanding experience was critical. Commerce, in general, became significantly more complex. And in this time of distress, many organizations found that they bought a ton of technology that they really didn’t need or just didn’t work for their new needs. This is where DMI’s thought leadership through our 200+ successful implementations can help.

Complete the form to the right and qualifying organizations will receive a 60-minute commerce assessment with a DMI consultant specializing in your type of business. We’ll review your current online experience and technology stack: and create “your” commerce score and actionable steps to improve areas we highlight.

No risk or commitment, just insights.

Optimizing Ecommerce, From the Ground Up

Growth in ecommerce requires innovation across the entire spectrum. From the design and user experience to the technology stack your website uses, your business needs a partner with a holistic approach that encompasses site performance, support and customer experience to help transform your visitors into loyal customers.

At DMI, we have the talent, tools and technologies necessary to unlock digital transformation for your ecommerce business. By analyzing your entire ecommerce ecosystem from the ground up, we create a path towards unlocking your business’s fullest potential.

  • Analysis of your tech stack and implementation of future-proof technologies
  • Performance optimization to ensure your ecommerce site can cope with traffic demands during peak holiday seasons
  • A focus on the user experience, helping convert your leads into loyal customers

And we aren’t just taking a stab in the dark. We continuously measure our results and build ongoing testing strategies so we can craft a real-world road map that aligns with your business objectives.

Modern Technology Stack for Modern Demands

To stay competitive in the ecommerce space, businesses need to leverage modern technology in order to stay flexible and agile. And turnkey software solutions simply aren’t the best bet anymore.

Instead, businesses need a modern technology stack that provides flexibility in innovation. At DMI, we pave the way to digital transformation through MACH architecture, providing our ecommerce partners with an agile, customer-centric platform that’s as future-proof as it is nimble.

  • Microservices: Individual applications of business logic and functionality, providing rapid development and faster time to market.
  • API-first: A focus on API access across the platform, allowing new functionality development and rapid integration with future functionality and services.
  • Cloud-native SaaS: Software-as-a-Service that takes full advantage of cloud capabilities, ensuring businesses have access to every competitive advantage.
  • Headless: Decoupling the front end of your website from the back end, ensuring complete freedom in UI and UX design and presentation.

We help ensure your digital transformation meets the demands of your business while helping you build an ecommerce presence that raises order values, improves conversions and ensures your customers have the best experience possible with your business.

After all, great ecommerce starts with customer satisfaction, and that’s more than just providing a great product or service. It’s ensuring your ecommerce website provides a reliable and seamless user experience from the moment your leads first visit. The customer experience is at the core of what we do. Our expertise in digital transformation provides your business with the tools it needs to ensure your site’s visitors end up as satisfied and loyal customers.