The first and only global commerce provider with a fully integrated, end-to-end commerce and marketplace solution. VTEX enables both B2C and B2B organizations to increase sales, optimize operations, scale seamlessly, and deliver truly remarkable customer focused omnichannel experiences.

With VTEX, DMI helps you go beyond traditional eCommerce to connect your channel partners and suppliers. Grow your audience, expand assortments, and increase revenue at less cost while delivering more value to your customers. Enjoy industry-leading time-to-revenue with no more upgrades, ever.



Elevate your business and reduce risk by rethinking how you collaborate with customers, suppliers, and sales partners. Accelerate your time-to-revenue exponentially. Create and launch web, mobile and in-store experiences in record time with our configurable store framework. Drive incremental sales at a much lower cost with a marketplace. Expand assortment, reach new markets, and attract new customers without the risk, inventory, or the supply chain costs of adding new products. Make omnichannel a reality by giving shoppers the friction-less experiences they expect with global inventory visibility and flexible fulfillment.


Make online buying fast and easy. Deliver commerce experiences tailored for your business by reimagining how you collaborate with customers, suppliers and channel partners. Simplify B2B commerce: make it easy for customers to buy from you with experiences tailored to your business and features designed specifically for B2B. Expand your reach by empowering partners with intuitive online ordering, branded storefronts, and marketplace experiences. Streamline operations and reduce costs to serve customers by moving sales online, with a single platform, that’s easy to maintain and always up to date – no “upgrades” required, ever again.


Expand your market reach and reduce overhead with an ecommerce marketplace. Leverage a collaborative commerce platform with native marketplace and distributed order management capabilities that are built in. Grow revenue quickly, and easily add new products and services from a myriad of third-party sellers. Be essential to your customers by creating a one-stop-shop for everything your they need in a single location. Reduce cost and risk of adding new brands and product categories to your portfolio by removing the need to manage additional inventory and supply chain capacity. Be in the driver’s seat of how these products are sold on your platform. Know those customers. Use our analytics to find new customer segmentations and product affinities.


Sell to anyone, from anywhere, with an omnichannel approach. Ecommerce, marketplace, physical stores, mobile apps, showrooms, kiosks and beyond…all connected in one commerce ecosystem. Manage and fulfill orders from all your sales channels in one place. Integrate sales channels to use inventory more efficiently, enable endless aisle, and give shoppers the power to make purchase decisions based on where inventory is located. Deliver the best customer experience through comprehensive customer data, and improve your clientele with personalized services and targeted promotions. Turn stores into pickup points by enabling click and collect and curbside pickup to meet customers’ demand for contactless ordering and delivery.



A pre-built migration accelerator from Oracle ATG to VTEX reducing both time-to-market and overall implementation costs. Oracle Commerce customers are making the switch to VTEX for its lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) modern commerce architecture, flexibility to support any business model, and unparalleled commitment to ensuring every customer’s success. Businesses need flexibility and speed to evolve customer experiences, collaborating with growing ecosystems of partners and suppliers. And that’s what traditional commerce platforms can’t offer.


A pre-built migration accelerator from Magento to VTEX: reducing time to market, risks, and overall implementation costs. Magento customers are making the switch to VTEX for its cloud performance, flexible database schemas, VTEX certified apps that are fully supported and will always be part of the VTEX ecosystem.


A pre-built migration accelerator from Shopify/Shopify+ to VTEX: reducing time to market, risks, and overall implementation costs. Shopify customers are making the switch to VTEX to reduce costs. You read that right. The Shopify platform has a higher TCO than VTEX and we can prove that to you.