Ecommerce Replatforming & Migrations


Technology advances rapidly, and as a commerce business, you need to keep up. DMI’s Commerce Re-Platform services empowers clients whose businesses have outgrown their existing solution, become more complex or just need upgraded functionality to re-platform. We help take clients from their existing “nonperforming” commerce state and re-platform them into a future-proof cloud based or MACH-architected commerce solution that fits their needs today while allowing them to easily evolve and scale.

We apply our thought leadership, agile methodology, and best practices learned through years of experience in operating and supporting commerce sites for enterprise clients–optimizing their efficiency through system integrations and automated feeds, while ensuring that the implementation supports their business needs and processes.





“At DMI we understand the time and expense of re-platforming, which is why we architect solutions for longevity, adaptability, and performance. Our deep ecommerce knowledge and experience allows us to recognize that all clients are different, and determine how to best migrate from outdated, legacy platforms onto new, modern MACH-based technologies that best support your unique business model.”

– Marc Irish, President. DMI Commerce Group

“When re-platforming you have to go in with realistic expectations. You are going to move shoppers’ normal patterns around a little bit and should expect a dip with sales and conversions…the new site rebounded fast, way faster than our previous re-platforming. The site turned around in a few weeks, rather than months. Sales, conversions and customers’ overall experiences all improved.”
CTO Chris Meystrik, JTV

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The last 18 months were eye-opening for commerce leaders. Online quickly became a requirement while at the same time providing an outstanding experience was critical. Commerce, in general, became significantly more complex. And in this time of distress, many organizations found that they had the wrong technology platform for their business. The need to re-platform to the right solution for growth became clear.

Complete the form to the right and qualifying organizations will receive a 60-minute commerce assessment with a DMI consultant specializing in your type of business. We’ll review your existing platform and your needs as an organization, then recommend to you the best path to take.

No risk or commitment, just insights.