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Whether you’re migrating your workload to the Cloud or looking to refresh your current on prem hardware, our team can guide the way. As a leading hybrid Cloud managed services provider focused on optimizing complex environments and decreasing costs, we can assist you in making the most of the Cloud.

“DMI has been a true partner, having put in the time and effort to deeply understand our business operations and priorities. Their partnership has helped us transform outdated digital experiences and learn new ways of delivering technology – all with a laser focus on our customers. Together with DMI, over a two-year period, we have reached a number of significant milestones for our organization. We couldn’t have done it without their help.”

– Fortune 100 P&C Insurance Provider

The Challenges of IT Management

Many businesses still face issues with disparate and disorganized technology infrastructure. From networks to hardware and device management to technical support, one of the biggest challenges facing businesses is a lack of cohesion in their IT initiatives. This leads to difficulty collaborating, frustrated employees and the inability to forecast future needs.

It also leads to a number of accountability and security concerns, including:

  • Inadequate protection from evolving cybersecurity threats  
  • Skill gaps with in-house IT teams
  • Stifled digital transformation initiatives 
  • Siloed support teams
  • Inconsistent asset and data management

This is where DMI comes in. We help organizations consolidate their infrastructure, providing regular maintenance and monitoring and a single destination for all management. We’ll streamline your technology implementations from top to bottom and even provide 24/7 support for every device in your organization.

DMI can also help your business with cloud migration. This allows businesses to move from their traditional on-premises infrastructure to the cloud. This provides businesses with increased flexibility, scalability and cost savings. And for businesses that need physical infrastructure in place, we can build and maintain a hybrid solution that gives you the best of both worlds.

Make Your Infrastructure Work for You

DMI offers a unique solution that helps reduce the risk and cost associated with managing IT. Our highly qualified team of architects and engineers consolidates your IT footprint into a solution that provides accountability — all from a single source. And as the foundation of a digital transformation initiative, DMI’s managed solutions prepare your business for innovations to come.

DMI is your partner in business transformation. Our approach also allows you to free up your internal staff so they can focus on more strategic initiatives. We can help you reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve collaboration. And as your business’s IT needs change, we’ll adjust our solutions to meet those needs. And as your business grows, we’ll grow right along with you.

Let us show you how we can make your infrastructure work for you. Get in touch today to lay the groundwork for your organization’s digital transformation.

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