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The Finance and Insurance Services vertical primarily consists of banking (checking/ savings, investments, and credit/ lending), insurance (personal and business lines), payment processing, and FinTech. Across these industries, we are seeing widespread change through tech innovation and an evolution of expectations presented by new generational players.

FIS organizations are predicated on their ability to support their customers and provide fiscal peace of mind. To that end, as data becomes increasingly plentiful, innovations like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain serve to predict, discover, and prevent security breaches and personalize customers’ plans. A transition to digital currencies and payment technologies continues to evolve the customer experience around asset, wealth, and cash management. Going hand in hand with digital wealth management, Finance and Insurance Services companies are also continuing to trend toward developing their mobile apps, web portals, and other digital tools. Chatbots become more prevalent every day, offering 24/7 support to users, and users have found digital products make their finance and insurance management easier than ever.


While many of these changes are enabled by technology, they are brought upon by changes in human behavior. New desires, new expectations, and new problems all lead to technical solutions, but to simply jump directly to those solutions is to misstep. We believe in a customer-centric mindset to meet your needs through agile, outcome-driven methodology. DMI starts all solutions with an understanding of people – both the end customers and the employees that support them – and digs into what challenges and pain points they feel. This allows us to prioritize driving their financial and personal outcomes while supporting business goals. Our human-centric approach allows us to build strategic visions for our clients, and our constant focus on them allows us to continually adapt those strategies alongside this rapidly evolving landscape. DMI believes in improving the customer experience in the process of improving the business through technology innovation.