On your journey to the mobility ecosystem of tomorrow, your readiness for customer-centricity and partner enablement will determine success. Our end-to-endless connected cloud platform services solve future mobility challenges and secure the successful implementation of electric and autonomous vehicle programs. Our extensive experience and knowledge of global connected programs enables us to support the next generation of the Software Defined Vehicle. This includes design, architecture and build of connected cloud, V2X and mobility capabilities, intelligent Edge solutions, CX-centric platforms and feature sets, data streaming and monetization solutions, and managing the complex landscape of third-party integrations.





Trusted by some of the largest automotive, manufacturing and transportation brands in the world, our globally recognized team of senior advisors have been living and breathing connectivity since its infancy. We cover the entire connected spectrum from device to the cloud and meet you where you are in your journey to the connected ecosystem of the future.

“It’s incredible what we brought to the market together and how it’s being used to help people.”

Business Executive, Global Automotive Company

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