6 Reasons to Outsource Your Managed Mobility Services

Published On: April 22nd, 20215 min read

When people think of mobile devices, they often just think of smartphones. But “mobile” can refer to any device with integrated cellular or wireless connectivity. That means tablets, eReaders, laptops and even wearable technology such as smartwatches fit this definition too. It also covers the expanding internet of things (IoT) that allows devices to transmit data using cellular or wireless connections. 

Managing this growing range of devices can be challenging — especially as corporations increasingly embrace a remote workforce and deploy more remote devices throughout the enterprise.

Let’s explore several benefits to outsourcing your managed mobility services (MMS). 

Why Should You Outsource Your Managed Mobility Services? 

End-to-End Solutions

Mobility servicing requires IT to manage the process of acquiring, provisioning and supporting mobile devices. Those efforts include overseeing:

  • Acquisition
  • Provisioning & Activation
  • Deployment
  • Security and Management
  • Cellular Service
  • User & Device Support

Managed mobility services are also responsible for the software running on mobile devices and mobile implementations’ financial viability. Incorporating mobility management into an IT department’s already heavy workload means sacrificing other projects or services unless the team obtains additional resources. 

Outsourcing mobility management services is one way to ensure all facets of a growing mobile network are addressed without sacrificing other priorities.

More IT Resources

In today’s technology-first world, no company has enough IT resources. Estimates project the shortage of tech talent to be anywhere from one million IT jobs in the United States to 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs worldwide by the end of 2021. Whether it’s cloud computing or application development, there aren’t enough qualified candidates to meet the demand.

Outsourcing mobility services gives companies access to additional IT resources without the cost of recruiting, hiring and training staff. It also means in-house resources are available for mission-critical projects and have more time for collaboration and innovation.

Mobility Expertise

The mobile ecosystem is not the same as traditional IT systems. Although both fall under the umbrella of technology, mobility expertise is not part of a conventional IT career path. In fact, some IT professionals question whether mobile devices are an IT responsibility.

Finding employees with mobile technology expertise can be challenging, and upskilling existing staff takes time. Outsourcing is an alternative method of acquiring that expertise. 

Companies that offer managed mobility services have invested in technologies to train and support their staff, so employees are current on emerging technologies, understand optimization and have experience implementing mobile solutions.

Optimized Mobility Management

Getting the most out of a mobility program requires a level of knowledge and experience that many enterprises do not have. IT staff may be able to procure devices and deploy them, but they may not have the experience to optimize workflows. Successful management means finding the best solutions for each use case and ensuring that all devices operate within established performance and security guidelines.

Optimization also means managing costs. With a managed mobility services provider, companies can see where their money is going. They can gain visibility that may have been missing when the services were handled in-house. Most MMS providers have clearly defined service plans with associated costs, giving businesses the ability to budget their spending.

Security & Compliance

Securing mobile devices is crucial to maintaining the integrity of any enterprise. So is staying in compliance with all industry-specific regulations. How well existing security procedures translate into policies for a mobile network depends on a comprehensive understanding of all ecosystems.

For example, applying updates is just as essential to a mobile network’s security as it is to the rest of a company’s enterprise. However, maintaining that consistency can be difficult if IT resources are limited or lack expertise.

Outsourcing mobility management to providers with security expertise means finding a partner that will work with a company to ensure that all compliance requirements are met. The providers will monitor the mobile services for security vulnerabilities and help to develop response plans and training.

Immediate Support

Mobile users can frustrate IT support personnel who are not familiar with how mobile devices operate. Likewise, IT personnel can irritate mobile users who need an immediate answer. Whether through chatbots, live messaging or telephone support, mobility management providers have the knowledge and resources to help keep employees productive. MMS providers work with all resources until a problem is resolved.

Managed mobility service providers use a range of tools to ensure minimal downtime. They monitor operations to reduce the number of unplanned interruptions. Ensuring that employees have the mobility services they need when they need them is every MMS provider’s goal.

Digital Optimization for MMS 

Knowledgeable MMS providers can help organizations develop sound plans for digital optimization of mobility services and overall digital business strategy. Without a solid business strategy that encompasses mobile devices, companies may find digital transformation difficult to achieve. Instead of a cohesive transformation, businesses may implement digital solutions without optimizing their approach to realize their decisions’ full potential.

Partner With DMI

At DMI, we understand the challenges companies face as they try to incorporate mobile devices into their digital business strategies. We’ve seen how IT departments struggle to manage the world of mobile devices as well as their existing responsibilities. 

Our MMS team provides end-to-end solutions, including device lifecycle services, telecom expense management, mobile engineering and administration, and an enhanced ITIL service desk to fully support mobile customer touchpoints and employees in an ever-changing device landscape. Our services are accompanied by advanced analytics, giving our forward-thinking clients peak visibility and control over their managed mobility services.  

We were recently named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Mobility Services, Global for the sixth time. We believe this achievement is a testament to our ability to consistently deliver innovative solutions that achieve positive outcomes for any organization, public or private. 

Finding a company with the knowledge and expertise to manage mobility services can be a key component of a digital optimization plan. If you are considering outsourcing your managed mobility services, connect with us online to begin the conversation.

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