Upgrade Your Development Platform to Optimize Workflow Effectiveness

Published On: August 22nd, 20224 min read

Digital transformation is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. To gain the benefits and experience growth, organizations don’t need to completely rebuild and digitize everything; there is another side to that coin. Effective transformation is not just a concept anymore, it can be a reality for your business.

Companies can’t afford to lose speed as competitors improve and accelerate their business process workflows and digital user experiences. Customers can distinguish between competitors because process efficiency improves the user experience. Businesses that have streamlined their work processes will flourish. This is where the development platform model comes into play, leveling the playing field.

So, what can you do if you’re not prepared, or able, to undertake a massive digital transformation project, while knowing you must keep progressing? Use of outdated tech stacks has been widely acknowledged as a failure point for transformation initiatives. As a result, businesses must carefully approach and thoughtfully plan transitions; it must have a purpose for both the present and future. 

Process optimization using a modern development platform is an excellent place to start. The processes and workflows that might currently be slowing your business, may actually contain the answer to increasing efficiency and improving client solutions. The key to these advantages is a development platform offering relevant functionality without disrupting the enterprise.

Key Challenges a Development Platform Can Address

Organizations may struggle to keep pace with competitors, meet consumer expectations, and increase their bottom line due to several common, interconnected challenges.

Outdated Workflows

Rarely do organizations with outdated workflows think their business processes are functioning efficiently. They typically know they could be more productive, but they aren’t sure how they could streamline processes to get the best return for the time and effort invested. Will the time spent enhancing a particular workflow result in profits, or will it drain resources from more vital tasks and cause disruptions in everyday operations?

Manual Processes

Manual processes are considered tedious and a standard gateway for human error. They are also time-consuming and inefficient for capturing, documenting, and processing information in a given workflow.

Strategic Direction

A business faces one more challenge after deciding to optimize workflows and digitize business processes: where to begin? And, who is most qualified to complete the task? Although your IT team is likely competent, this work necessitates a distinct set of competencies they may not typically possess.

Benefits of Improving Business Process Workflow

The good thing is that one of the most effective ways to address these limitations is by using a modern development platform, such as DMI’s Intelligent Workflow platform. Moreover, such strategic platform will allow you to boost productivity without interrupting business processes. 

Enhanced process verification and compliance

Significant effort is required to conduct compliance audits and reporting, especially when teams are required to locate records, information, and data. An automated business process workflow systematically gathers, handles, and archives digital documents for verification. Furthermore, a digital process is more easily combined with, and supplemented by, other internal data via API-connected databases and reference sources. 

Elimination of tedious and error-prone manual tasks

Freeing valuable human up resources from arduous tasks, by automating manual processes can increase productivity, reduce the need for extra help, and even eliminate some routine tasks. Additionally, optimization can be customized to your organization’s skill sets, connecting the best resources to the best assignments.

Increased visibility and insights into your business

Modern businesses have access to an incredible amount of data. Adopting a new development platform can improve your business process workflows, unlocking the true value of your data, providing you with unrivaled insights into the performance and operation of your enterprise.

A modern development platform puts the power in the hands of business experts by implementing low-code/no-code solutions, accelerating time to insights and the ability to identify important trends. That speed and intelligence will allow you to act ahead of the competition and exceed user expectations.

Experience the Benefits of DMI’s Intelligent Workflow Platform

Implementing DMI’s Intelligent Workflow platform is a partnership between our experts and your team. DMI brings digital transformation and digitization expertise to evaluate your business process workflows, identify opportunities for improvement and minimizing reliance on manual processes. 

Seamlessly integrated with your existing systems, leveraging current resources and automating data capture is at the core of the development platform. Further, it provides customized dashboards, creating visibility to workflows across your business by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), uncovering insights, trends, and anomalies that would otherwise be easy to miss.

Working with DMI reduces the burden on your team by creating proprietary modules in partnership with you, letting your resources continue to work on high-value business projects without disruption. Plus, the Intelligent Workflow platform offers low-code/ no-code tools, a Report Builder, and Rules Engine, reducing development time by as much as 60% while increasing quality. Find out more about how DMI’s Intelligent Workflow platform can accelerate your business process workflows by scheduling a call with our team.