Top 4 Benefits of DMI’s Workplace Shield – Back to Work Safely

Published On: August 20th, 20202 min read

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live and the way we work for the foreseeable future. Many workplaces and employees are uncertain about going back to work, how to enforce social distancing rules from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and how to keep workplaces clean and safe.

Enter DMI’s Workplace Shield. This secure mobile application was developed to address multiple risks and challenges associated with the workplace in this uncertain time by providing social distancing monitoring, contact tracing and room sanitization checklist reporting.

Here are four benefits of the new solution:

No new investment in hardware. Workplace Shield provides mobile device monitoring that helps ensure six feet of social distancing between individuals in any workplace, as recommended by the CDC. The DMI solution is unique in that, unlike other solutions, an alert generates even if the person entering the six-foot safety zone is not using DMI’s application. However, what’s not unique is the hardware it runs on. Nearly everyone has a mobile device these days, so no new investment is required on the part of the employee or individual.

Lightweight, but powerful, app. Workplace Shield has a number of solutions and features that make it robust but easy to use. For example, the Workplace Sanitization Reporting Solution empowers enterprises with a mobile checklist that delivers visibility into the daily status of workplace cleaning protocols. The digital checklist has an easy-to-configure dashboard allowing for management visibility into overall workplace sanitization readiness. The dashboard delivers real-time reports on the rooms and areas confirmed to have been cleaned, alerts for rooms that still need to be cleaned, as well as reporting capabilities that deliver an historical view of workplace cleaning protocols over periods of time.

Customers have visibility into protocols too. In addition to the digital checklists, all the checklists are customizable and printable. That offers a level of comfort for customers who can see the checklist if workplaces post it at the entrance or other visible areas.

The 30,000-foot-view. DMI’s solution also delivers contact tracing for all employee-to-employee on-site interactions in the event of a of COVID-19 diagnosis. DMI’s solution is fully anonymous, with no information or location data stored centrally or with a third-party supplier. But, leadership at a higher level is able to see an overview of the organization on the dashboard and pinpoint any COVID-19 hotspots or areas that need additional cleaning protocols.

Overall, DMI’s Workplace Shield is a robust solution during the COVID-19 pandemic that can help  employers, employees, and customers feel safer about an environment and cleaning protocols that are in place.

Varun Dogra, DMI’s Chief Technology Officer