Mind Shifts & AWS Cloud: Helping Federal Agencies Embrace Digital Transformation

Published On: August 24th, 20224 min read

Let’s say your federal agency is embarking on a digital transformation project. The RFP is out. The proposals are coming in. To be sure: the federal government sector needs a consulting firm with technical know-how. But your agency also needs – and this is important – a digital services partner who can help your leadership adapt to the shift in mindset that a government digital transformation requires to utilize a newer technology such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity or AWS Cloud

Let’s take moving to the cloud as an example. Many federal agencies and state and local governments are studying the benefits that a shift to the cloud infrastructure would bring both for their employees, constituents and public sector: improved efficiency, cost savings, and automation that enables the reallocation of state and local government resources.

They also have questions about cloud providers, composable tech stacks, and leaving behind monolithic platforms and servers housed on premises.

government agency IT team manning cloud computing services

But as cloud technologies conversations begin with consulting firms and technology partners, digital skills gap and new challenges arise related to the mind-shift necessary when federal agencies and public sector organizations genuinely embrace the cloud. For example, when cloud migration is finished, federal agencies no longer need to buy servers and pay for space to house those servers. But they do have to pay recurring fees to their cloud provider for usage. Instead of a one-time cost for a new stack of servers, new cost cadences can trigger their internal challenges.

Another example: In embracing the cloud, departments within many government agencies – and without – can more easily share previously siloed data. But embracing this new reality requires cloud adoption. In this case, not just from government leaders but also from employees who can now utilize and access the data.

Technological Solutions + Thought Leadership = DMI

Through many years of working with federal agencies, DMI has learned the importance of providing the right technological solution and trusted thought leadership to achieve digital government transformation.

DMI’s ongoing work with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on their phased shift to AWS GovCloud provides a real-world example of what it looks like to couple technical skills and thought leadership to offer a complete cloud computing resolution to urgent technological needs.

“There are many digital technology folks and cloud service providers in the world that can build a cloud platform for a federal client. But bringing the thought leadership, and integrating the business and the technology together, is the key,” said Rajesh Sripada, Sr. Director, Business Intelligence and Data Management, DMI.

cloud services for government, federal agencies public service delivery

Helping an agency like the FDA undergoing digital transformation and embracing a new way of doing business through private cloud infrastructure can be difficult due to silos and information barriers that could be political, social, or cultural.

Breaking such barriers requires enormous amounts of experience and a long understanding of FDA’s culture,” said Sripada. “You have to reach out and bring people in to make the project’s success possible. It’s really not just about technology but also thought leadership at an enterprise level.”

DMI, FDA & AWS Cloud

In Phase 1 of the FDA project, DMI worked closely with agency and government leaders to help them understand what cloud computing offers and the shifting cost cadence associated with the service, which might include cloud security, multi-cloud environments, authorization management programs and more. Sripada and his team explained how the elasticity of the cloud environment allows agencies to pay only for what they need and how the cost structure diverges from maintaining servers on-premises.

Similarly, the DMI team helped FDA leadership understand that when adopting an enterprise-level cloud environment, software licensing can be streamlined to eliminate duplication and save on costs. Guiding the agency through this new licensing process was arguably as critical as setting up the new AWS Cloud technology itself.

New data management avenues also opened up with the FDA’s shift to the cloud infrastructure. Within the agency, stakeholders from different departments and government organizations collaborate as medications are considered for approval.

digital transformation of government agencies through cloud computing

Previously, the FDA’s nine centers were siloed, so sharing data was extremely cumbersome – sometimes even impossible. Now, the agency has a digital strategy that integrates data and process automation from across centers and departments. Drug reviewers can easily share their work, and data sets can be accessed on the AWS cloud, unbound from individual employees’ laptop hard drives.

Future phases of this digital strategy will integrate enterprise machine learning solutions for the FDA.

New Ways of Thinking For Cloud Computing and Other Digital Transformation Services

The reality is that digital services have redefined federal government operations and their legacy systems – leading to heightened expectations from both government employees and the public. Meeting these expectations requires agencies to be agile, proactive, and innovative in their approach.

New ways of thinking are required to develop creative yet practical solutions. To this end, DMI brings years of experience and thought leadership in federal government and other government agencies’ digital transformation to the table, with hundreds of federal contracts awarded since 2012. Click here to learn more.

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