Cloud Computing in 2024 Requires Skilled Partners and Continual Innovation

Published On: April 12th, 20243 min read

In 2024, most federal agencies and companies are prioritizing the following initiatives:

  • Improving customer experience (CX) through rapid response and personalization
  • Enhancing cybersecurity by enforcing zero trust policies to ensure least privilege access, continuous authentication and authorization to resources, and rapid analysis and response to threats and vulnerabilities
  • Boosting operational efficiency through better use of resources, time, and money

All three objectives center around cloud computing. As such, according to a Gartner survey, 73% of CIOs plan to increase their investments in cloud platforms. In the U.S. public sector alone cloud spending is expected to rise from around $15 biln in 2022 to aro $23 billion by 2025.

Cloud computing provides the flexibility to scale application resources vertically and horizontally to support bursts of activity with low latency. Moreover, cloud computing enables digital modernization to support service enablement and new capabilities that customers require. This is a critical benefit given that Forrester’s 2023 U.S. Federal CX Index Rankings found that the federal government is still not providing customer experiences that are comparable to the private sector.

While the benefits of the cloud are numerous, it can be challenging for resource-constrained organizations to capitalize on them without the support of a trusted, industry-leading partner. 

Optimizing application resources for the cloud is a complex process that impacts all aspects of an organization. Successful cloud implementations require insights and expertise from a skilled partner who understands cloud-native architectures, refactoring applications to the cloud, securing applications and data, optimizing cloud costs, building resilience through multi-cloud architectures, and providing real-time visibility in application performance in the cloud.

At DMI, we’ve developed a proven framework for cloud migration and optimization that empowers our customers to maximize the value of the cloud. DMI’s proprietary cloud offering framework provides a workflow that incorporates cloud expertise, knowledge and application of cloud-native capabilities and best practices, and best-of-breed partner solutions to streamline cloud computing and optimize the benefits of cloud for mission effectiveness.

We recognize that cloud migration is more than just a technology change. It brings in new business models, accelerates service modernization and new service delivery, and demands new operating processes and an agile organizational culture. That’s why our cloud offering framework is a full-lifecycle approach that assists clients through every step of the cloud migration process, from discovery of business goals to ongoing operations and compliance. 

Every cloud migration comes with challenges and requires considerations that span technical, financial, and organizational change management spheres. DMI’s extensive history partnering with commercial and public sector organizations has instilled our teams with the knowledge required to continually enhance cloud computing effectiveness for our customers. Cloud computing is an ever-evolving technology that will become a business necessity by 2028. Fortunately, DMI can make sure your organization keeps pace with cloud computing best practices and corresponding demands to support mission effectiveness.

By focusing all at once on the technical, strategic, and human aspects of infrastructure and application modernization and transformation, your organization will be far more likely to achieve your business objectives – now and in the future.