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April 5th, 2012

The app is dead. Long live the app!

A recent article in Forbes summarises Frog Design’s Scott Jenson vision about usability in mobile and the future of mobile apps. In summary he concludes that…

  1. Value has to be greater than Pain – users are prepared to go through a bit of pain if your product offers great value
  2. Performance drives use – every microsecond counts when it comes to page load and achieving the desired task
  3. Too many apps will become a problem – finding and managing apps will lead to usage concentrated to a few useful apps
  4. And it will get worse – with DIY tools for music, event, etc apps, the app markets will get even more overcrowded
  5. New thinking is required – developers and OS makers must innovate to reduce the pain
  6. Just-in-time apps could be the next big thing – e.g. the place you’re at will display the app you need, bus stop for bus times, airport for departues/arrivals, etc
  7. Discovery will improve – Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc will come up with new ways to improve discovery of great apps using the inherent capabilities of the device

In summary mobile apps in the future will still be mobile apps but the way we discover, open and interact will continue to change for the better. Not exactly a revelation but a few great insights to what we should be looking for.

Read the full article at Forbes


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