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March 6th, 2015

MWC Day 3 and 4: Robots, IoT Gadgets and Enterprise IoT in Practice

Nothing new at MWC this year? We will prove you wrong!

During the first 3 days we looked at the big announcements and key themes of MWC 2015 ‎(see blog from day 0 here, and day 1-2 here). The final 2 days we’ve been digging deeper into these themes to find some relevant examples as well as some cool, wacky technologies that make us excited about the future.

IoT Technologies

ILS Technology‎/Telit
One of our objectives was to spend time with a couple of the top IoT telematics providers. One of these is ILS Technology (now part of Telit) that we’ve been working with for a couple of years with an amazing case study for a Global Manufacturing Company. Telit took us through all the pieces of an enterprise IoT implementation from chips/modules, certification with carriers, global deployments and the control software to gather data. Use cases range from transportation/logistics and factory floor machinery and equipment to pipeline meters and water filters.

IoT/M2M Innovation World Cup
One of our objectives is to always find the latest business and consumer gadgets and start-ups and in this case we found most of them in one place thanks to the IoT/M2M Innovation World Cup. Here’s a short list of them:

  • Cobi – Attaches to your bicycle to provide hundreds of software and hardware features to improve you biking experience
  • eTag & eTrack – Smart ways of tracking luggage through airports and planes during your journey
  • ProGlove – A smart connected glove for workers to work faster, safer and with new data gathering
  • GasLinkA – Remote monitoring of tanks and meters for the gas industry
  • Wattio – Software and hardware for the smart home including energy savings, security and climate control
  • QuakeShare (safety companion) – Solution for disaster release in seismic zones including sensors, relief assistance, satellite images and more
  • Uniquicom SafeLocator Suite – Tracking and positioning of people, vehicles and assets indoor and outdoor, monitoring of works and distributed sensors
  • Firefly forest fire tracking – Sensors for forests, hub relays, sensors for firefighters including health monitoring
  • Onköl – Base station for the home that connects all health devices to send the data safely to your chosen caregiver
  • DomoCare – Sensors and monitoring to alert caregivers when fragility has been detected at a seniors home
  • microBSP – Remotely controllable medical device that actively diffuses drugs through the skin
  • Wolke7 – A device inserted in the pillow sheet to turn it into a smart pillow to detect sleep conditions and positions and actively cure sleep disturbance
  • EdgeHome – Replaces existing switches, outlets and lightning fixtures so they can all be controlled from one place
  • Balance4good – An innovative startup that provides the ability to monitor the balance of elderly to prevent dangerous falls

Green Mobility
This year at MWC there was an entire pavilion dedicated to how mobile technology enables energy savings in homes, public places and cities, reduces environmental impact from transportation, uses renewable energy to power our telecommunication networks and allows citizens to better understand and therefore reduce their carbon dioxide footprint. Examples include Ford’s smart bicycle that collects environmental data as you ride it through the city and Philips’ outdoor lightning controls that not only helps energy saving but could also work as a tool to provide safer streets.

Enterprise Mobility in the Future‎

‎Every year Fujitsu shows off some of the coolest technology from Japan and this year was no exception. Particularly impressive was  a body suite and VR glasses that guides workers on the factory floor and other work environments on carrying out tasks with amazing precision with minimum prior training.

Fujitsu VR glasses
Orange‎ Beam Technology
A camera and display on wheels that showcases how people can experience MWC and ‎interact with people without even being there. The robot, which is about 1.50m high, drove around the Orange stand and allowed people to speak to the people in an office somewhere navigating the robot and experiencing MWC remotely. In a couple of years maybe we will share the floor with thousands of these?‎ Telefonica and various other companies actually use the technology today on a trial basis for people working from home or from a different office to virtually attend meetings.

SK Telecom
Another robot demo was shown in the SK Telecom stand with humanlike movements matching the exact movements by a person with sensors all over his body. Not entirely sure about the relevance for MWC, but everyone likes a good robot.

CA Technology
As mobility applications are becoming business critical ‎components of the enterprise they need to monitor performance, behavior and security in real-time and notify when there’s an issue. CA Technology is one of the first companies to integrate analytics with application and security monitoring.

Big Data and Personalization‎

Interactive Billboards
We mentioned the interactive billboards by SK Telecom in a previous blog and several people commented and asked when we thought this would be commercially deployed in the rest of the world. The answer is that it’s happening right now. With cheaper and more powerful interactive billboards including wifi and beacons the advertising companies can use customer data from e.g. Facebook to provide targeted and relevant advertising to anyone and anywhere. Now retargeting will follow you into the physical world. Will there be a public backlash? Probably somewhere.

Microsoft Fighting Cybercrime
Microsoft has been struggling with malware, viruses, Trojan horses‎ and other security threats for decades. Their latest response is a system that constantly monitors infected devices (computers, tablets and smartphones) throughout the world, identifies where they are coming from and systematically removes and protects devices from them. This is truly big data preventive security.

Wearables and Mobile Technology Saving Lives

Other than the Garmin smartwatch/wearable and a myriad of health ‎tracking devices that might be able to safe lives one day this is what excited us:

Global Warning System‎ (GWS)
Ever thought about what to do or where to go ‎if a major incident such as an earthquake, tsunami, war, riot or toxic leak happens while you’re travelling? GWS is an add-on to your travel insurance that uses mobile technology to warn you if something happens in the vicinity (city or country) of where you are and provides localized advise on what to do including recommendations on hospitals and how to get out of the country. Where do we sign up?

Man Down
‎A little bit of self-promotion as DMI demonstrated a “Man Down” solution as part of our innovation lab. The solution monitors field workers, government personnel, security personnel and people in dangerous environment or under threat and provides an alert to a central monitor center in case anything happens that might pose a risk or if the person falls. The system automatically asks the person to confirm if OK using secure biometrics (voice, finger print and eye scanner) and if no respond alerts the appropriate authority to the location. The solution works with smartphones as well as wearables and sensors. For more info contact us.

‎Nothing new this year at MWC? Hopefully we’ve now proven you wrong. With more non-techies than ever, MWC is turning into a must-attend event for anyone interested in mobility services throughout the world. The question now is how big can it feasibly get before it outgrows Barcelona?

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