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September 27th, 2013

iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5C/iPhone light: The differences?

iphone_5s_iphone_5c_mainEarlier in the week we brought home our first iPhone 5C and today we finally got our hands on the iPhone 5S. So what do we think from a developer and prosumer perspective?

iPhone 5S

Looks like the iPhone 5 except the slick new home button the Touch ID fingerprint sensor beneath it. At first this feels a bit disappointing as we wanted to show off our new gadget to people but the simple truth is that this is almost an exact replica of the iPhone 5.

The device is powered by a processor that should make it almost twice as fast and it is noticeable. Apps open faster, the browser reacts faster when visiting websites, and animations seem even smoother for a couple of apps we tried including Instagram, Facebook and Shazam.

With every new iPhone release Apple promises a better battery but with added processing power, better screens and even more things to play with throughout the day the result is usually the opposite. Thanks to the new dual processor, the iPhone 5S could potentially change this for users that rely a lot on location apps running on the background but it’s too early to tell.

Last but not least the camera has gotten a major upgrade with noticeably better image quality and faster speed. Android users will tell you that it’s now closer to the Samsung Galaxy S4 but for Apple fanboys this is irrelevant and this alone can justify the upgrade for those who rely on the camera.

iPhone 5C

Compared to the iPhone 5S this is a phone that will stand out a lot to start with. Colorful plastic shell available in several bright colors. Other than this, it’s very similar to the iPhone 5.

Same processor and thus performance as the iPhone 5.

Slightly bigger and should therefore give about 25% longer battery life. Once again we have not been able to confirm this though.

Pretty much the same camera as the iPhone 5 but with what seems to be slightly better focus and zoom.

Although by no means revolutionary Apple has launched two great complimentary devices that will meet market demand. We believe that they could potentially increase Apple’s market share again in certain markets thanks to iOS7 more than anything else. With iPhone 5S and 5C combined with iOS7 Apple has once again proven that they dominate market in terms of simplicity and beauty.

More to follow…


image courtesy: Know your mobile

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