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DMI EndZone Platform


Mobile powered

Technically flexible

How We Work

Communities, groups, and individuals face risks that require situational management with real-time monitoring and response for networked communications. Today’s world of uncertainty demands a mobile, modular, interoperable monitoring and alerting platform to address emerging threats.

Unified Approach

  • Scalable, Cloud or On Premise Solution
  • Networked Communications (4G, LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Coverage on Wheels (COW)
  • Dynamic Geo-Fencing
  • Multi-Streaming Video
  • SOS Assistance
  • Real-Time Location Status

Uncomplicated Features

  • Easily Deployable and Mobile-Centric
  • Accurately Utilizes Map as the Main Point of Reference
  • Efficiently Integrates into Complex IT and IoT Extensions

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