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Automotive and Transportation

Discover the Connected Vehicle. As a networked platform making constant data touch points, the Connected Vehicle stands to revolutionize the way we travel.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

A human-centric, customer-obsessed approach is integral to designing the experience and then scaling innovation that meets the pace of change. On the path towards fully-autonomous vehicles, automation is purposefully placed to manage maintenance, take care of to-do list items along the route, improve safety, and ultimately turn the driver into a passenger.

We Create Solutions

Powered by data science and artificial intelligence, the Connected Vehicle anticipates people’s desires and delivers personalized services to meet those precise needs.

Digital Business Design

  • Connected Vehicle Strategy
  • Driver and Passenger Experience Design
  • In-Vehicle Marketing & Ecosystem Monetization
  • Brand Expansion & Evolution

Next-Gen Innovation

Digital Services

Industry General Manager

James Bydalek

Automotive and Transportation, Industry General Manager

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