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Introducing Wearable Technology for Dogs

The Challenge

The Voyce brand came to us before they had a brand at all. In fact, they didn’t even have a finished product. Our team helped develop and shape everything about this wearable technology for dogs, from what the band measures to the packaging to the member area experience. i4C Innovations created VOYCE wearable technology for dogs that provides insights into the health and wellness of your dog.

Our Insight

We began by talking with lots of dog owners. During our primary and secondary research with this audience, we heard one thing loud and clear—pet parents already feel close to their dogs, but they love the idea of learning more about them. Sure, the Voyce band measures a range of health and wellness indicators, like heart rate and calories burned, but it’s more than just a tracking device. With trending data explained and relevant content, it’s a window into how your dog is feeling. This brought us to our key insight: Voyce allows you to understand your dog like never before.

Building a brand from scratch

Since we were launching an unprecedented product in an entirely new category, we helped craft a simple story to explain what Voyce does. Echoing this three-part approach to overall wellness, we created an identity that captures the comprehensive Voyce experience.

We knew an innovative new technology like Voyce deserved packaging that would really showcase the product, getting people excited to start using Voyce with their dog.

Creating a Platform

With Voyce, the band is just the beginning. The real value comes in the form of trending data and insights, as well as tailored articles and advice. Our team designed the member area, which helps users track trends in their dogs’ health, learn more about their dogs, and keep track of important information.

To ensure Voyce would be able to continue optimizing the member area experience, we thought of all the behaviors the brand would want to track based on its key performance indicators. Then, we created and implemented an elaborate tagging system to make it possible.

Snapshots of a dog’s vitals and other health indicators make it easy to get a quick status report.

  • Tailored content, including expert advice, relevant articles and useful tips enhance the Voyce experience.

  • Reminders help users stay on top of important events like vet appointments and vaccinations.

  • A points system makes achieving goals, like increasing activity or lowering heart rate, easier and more fun.

Launching a Business

To introduce Voyce to dog lovers everywhere, we created a marketing website explaining how this revolutionary wearable technology works. Demos of the Voyce member area allow visitors to get a feel for the overall experience.

For Voyce’s official launch at CES, we created an immersive trade show experience. Interactive iPad kiosks gave attendees a sneak peak at the Voyce member experience and served as a sales tool for the Voyce team. Plus, band-wearing dogs were on hand to demonstrate the product in action.

To generate interest and get people engaging with Voyce, we created social content for dog lovers and invited people to join the conversation.

CES Event

We knew an innovative new technology like Voyce deserved packaging that would really showcase the product, getting people excited to start using Voyce with their dog.


Since its launch, Voyce has caught the attention of tech experts and innovators around the globe. The brand has been featured on CNET, The Today Show and NBC News, as well as in The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post and USA Today. From the tech savvy crowd to those who simply love dogs, Voyce is being recognized as a breakthrough in wearables.