Leading Vehicle Manufacturer

Optimizing Performance To Drive Conversions

The Challenge

A major automotive company understands that poor performance creates lost opportunities. The company needed a clear understanding of site performance, as well as any issues that could compromise speed or availability. The company wanted to optimize performance while maintaining rich content in order to engage customers and drive conversions.

The Solution

Our team worked to monitor performance, identify issues and deliver strategic optimization recommendations. Coordinating with external agencies, service providers and internal departments, the group deployed monitoring tools to assess performance of key pages, functions, and site elements, detecting variances across four geographic regions. The group identified a problem that made some site content display incorrectly or not at all to 26% of visitors. We also provided recommendations covering ten distinct areas which stand to accelerate load times by as much as 25%, reducing bounce rates and enhancing conversion.


Our efforts optimized the site and eliminated the display problem that was making content invisible to 26% of visitors. By monitoring their performance, we were able to identify 10 performance choke points, that in turn reduced the bounce rates and increased conversions.