Increase in Facebook engagement

Changing People's Attitudes Towards Identity Theft

The Challenge

In an age where the next data breach looms just around the corner, identity theft protection should be an easy sell. However, consumers are surprisingly apathetic. They either have an “it won’t happen to me” attitude or feel they are powerless to do anything about identity theft. In order to convince people they need to sign up for Identity Guard’s services, we first had to make them take the issue of identity theft more seriously.

Our Insight

We knew our target audience had a need for Identity Guard, but how could we convince them to take action? Part of our solution to overcoming people’s apathy was to make the threat of identity theft feel closer to home. By highlighting moments when people’s identity was actually at risk right then, we helped educate consumers and created a sense of urgency. This strategy came out of one simple insight: It doesn’t take much for a thief to steal your identity.

Spreading the Word

To raise awareness of the seriousness of identity theft, we implemented a social media campaign
across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This approach allowed us to be hyper-relevant when identity theft-related events occurred, such as data breaches at large retailers. It also allowed us to raise awareness of how events like tax season, which people don’t necessarily associate with identity theft, put the public at risk.

Convincing Our Target

In paid channels, we created a consistent brand voice and strove to be as personally and contextually relevant as possible. Our work was designed to stop people in their tracks and make
them realize just how vulnerable their identities really are, convincing them to take steps to protect themselves and their families. TV, radio, out of home and online placements reached members of our target in cities where residents are particularly prone to identity theft.


Paid posts increased Facebook engagement 1,000% with a 700% increase in fans from 2,457 to 19,000+. Social referrals to identityguard.com increased 428%.