Digital Management and NeuralIQ Partner to Provide Groundbreaking Cybersecurity Solutions

Digital Management Leads Industry as First Certified NeuralIQ Event Horizon Partner

Bethesda, MD—September 13, 2010—Digital Management, Inc. (, a leading IT solutions and business strategy consulting firm, and NeuralIQ®, Inc., an innovative cybersecurity intelligence product company, today announced their strategic partnership to provide groundbreaking solutions for real-time cybersecurity intrusion forensics and analysis.

The sophisticated, multiphase cyber attacks that increasingly target government and business are often invisible to current security technology. NeuralIQ’s Event Horizon provides unprecedented visibility into these Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). Event Horizon works by allowing adversaries to attack a staged virtualized environment, indistinguishable from your valid one. Event Horizon then visually displays and reverse engineers every phase of attacks, in real time, showing clearly how intruders are targeting assets, recruiting resources and trying to steal data. Then, Event Horizon automatically generates countermeasures to update perimeter security, tune internal networks and harden security policies to prevent your real environment from being compromised.

Digital Management leads the industry as the world’s first Certified NeuralIQ Event Horizon Partner, with trained and experienced NeuralIQ Certified System Administrators (NCSAs) and NeuralIQ Certified Professionals (NCPROs) on staff. With unparalleled expertise and current clients using Event Horizon, Digital Management is uniquely qualified to provide government agencies and businesses with actionable foresight and insight into immediately relevant enterprise vulnerabilities. Armed with real-time actionable threat intelligence, Digital Management helps its clients act immediately, and incorporate continuous threat and attack monitoring as part of enterprise best practices.

“Event Horizon is stunning – both visually and functionally,” said Sunny Bajaj, Digital Management’s Chief Executive Officer. “It’s an incredibly powerful component of a strong cyber defense that incorporates continuous monitoring. With Event Horizon, we can analyze attacks as they’re happening and then take an array of actions to inform an ever-stronger security posture. We’re proud to have established an enduring partnership with NeuralIQ – one which has been built over the last year in close collaboration.”

“Digital Management is an ideal partner for NeuralIQ,” said William J. Fallon, Chief Executive Officer of NeuralIQ, Government Services. “Their extraordinary depth of expertise in cybersecurity best practices, cyber forensics analysis, and experience with the Event Horizon appliance, enables us to confidently guarantee optimal results for our clients. We’re proud to have Digital Management as a go-to Certified Partner.”

Digital Management Intrusion Forensics Solutions, powered by NeuralIQ’s Event Horizon, include:

  • Continuous Monitoring: Watch attacks as they’re attempted, learn how they work, protect against them, continuously improve your defenses.
  • Vulnerability Assessment: Know your weaknesses with insight based on live attacks as opposed to theoretical penetration testing.
  • Pre-deployment Vulnerability Assessment: Assess weaknesses before you flip the switch.
  • Malware Reverse Engineering: Timely, automated, comprehensive.
  • Attack Analysis: Profile actual attackers. Predict behavior.

Digital Management and NeuralIQ will be demonstrating Event Horizon capability at Digital Management’s booth at the NSA Trusted Computing Conference & Exposition in Orlando, FL, September 14th and 15th (booth 202) (refer to for event information).


About Digital Management:

Digital Management is a leading IT solutions and business strategy consulting firm focused on providing solutions that transform enterprise operations in government and business by dependably bridging the gap between business strategy and mission success. We see technology as an efficient, economical means to an end and are dedicated to crafting the solutions that result in increasingly interoperable, responsive, and cost-effective enterprises. Digital Management provides services and solutions in Strategic Business Transformation, Software Systems Modernization, Enterprise Information Management, Cybersecurity, and Healthcare IT.  Digital Management’s Cybersecurity Division delivers strategic solutions that dramatically heighten situational awareness, while leveraging the latest technologies and techniques to raise overall cybersecurity posture.  Digital Management is an SBA-certified, minority-owned, 8(a) small business.


About NeuralIQ:

NeuralIQ, with its revolutionary new product Event Horizon™, enables organizations to see, understand and counteract cyber attacks that conventional security products cannot detect or decipher on their own. Generating real-time intrusion forensics, NeuralIQ’s Event Horizon™ is an essential new component to any comprehensive security strategy. Armed with actionable intelligence, targeted organizations may protect their high-value assets against the  most sophisticated threats. NeuralIQ has offices in Kirkland, WA and Alexandria, VA.