Offering solutions to workplace safety and logistical challenges during a global pandemic

Bethesda, MD – December 2, 2020 – As the global pandemic continues to impact organizations and their operations heading into the holiday season, DMI is launching a whimsical brand awareness campaign to highlight how CEOs and companies—even Santa—have overcome these challenges. The leading digital transformation company developed the campaign to share how Santa was able to save Christmas by partnering with DMI to implement effective solutions within the workplace.

“From ensuring that employees feel safe in the workplace to overcoming logistical challenges, DMI has partnered with companies throughout the global pandemic to find the best business solutions,” said DMI CEO and Founder, Jay Sunny Bajaj. “As we continue to face uncertainty and constant change, our team brought a creative approach to sharing how DMI can help companies transform and meet the needs of consumers.”

While adapting to these new processes has certainly been challenging, DMI has a few best practices and strategies for companies to stay efficient and successful.

Return to Work Safely App

In response to the global pandemic, DMI developed Workplace Shield, a secure mobile application that addresses multiple risks and challenges associated with the workplace in this uncertain time. Following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance, the app provides real-time social distance monitoring, contact tracing and room sanitization checklists to help increase employees’ confidence in their safety when returning to work. 

Incorporating Intelligent Supply Chain

DMI helps companies by combining the virtual and the physical while leveraging mobile technologies that people use every day. Our converged commerce solutions transform to a modern intelligent supply chain by merging data and human talents in real time to deliver outcomes throughout the entire supply chain. In supply chain automation, two beneficial technologies DMI offers are robotic process automation (RPA) and natural language processing (NLP). RPA identifies a basic task like data entry and develops a bot to automate it. NLP uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to build voice and text commands employees use every day and can even make the supply chain process feel more human and conversational. These can be applied to weekly reports, invoice data input, financial requests, inspection reports and much more. 

Mobile Managed Services

Prior to the global pandemic, remote workers were already becoming more prevalent. Now, the need for mobile computing is more urgent as many companies must adopt this practice to ensure employee safety. As the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated rapid change, enterprises suddenly had tens of thousands of mobile devices to manage and oversee. Mobile device management (MDM) technologies allowed companies to supervise large fleets of smartphones, tablets and laptops—all in real time. For the past five years, DMI has been leading the way in providing managed mobility services and when the pandemic hit, the team proactively collaborated with customers to incorporate digital business processes to allow for greater efficiency and a better user experience. DMI was recently recognized as “Overall Mobility Management Solution Provider of the Year” in the 2020 Mobile Breakthrough Awards. 

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