April 18, 2017
Apr 18, 2017

Why Cloud Integration Is Critical for Mobility

With most organizations looking to increase investment in their mobility efforts in 2017, cloud integration is emerging as a must-have IT mobility capability, according to a recent survey from DMI...
March 9, 2017
Mar 9, 2017

Google Grows Out Cloud Partner Programme

Google has reaffirmed its commitment to its cloud channel, introducing new incentives, rewards and training across all disciplines to make it more attractive for partners to sell all elements of...
March 7, 2017
Mar 7, 2017

How AI is Changing Customer Service

"AI provides companies a more scalable and affordable option for customer service – especially in the digital age" said Anthony Pappas, president of brand marketing and customer experience at...
February 24, 2017
Feb 24, 2017

6 Steps to Seamless Mobile Integration

In this roadmap, Hospitality Technology speaks with operators, industry consultants and technology providers to provide a six step blueprint for successful execution of company-wide mobile...
January 11, 2017
Jan 11, 2017

DMI Reveals Top Mobility Trends for 2017

Annual Report Highlights Data Insights, Customer Experience, New Devices, Cloud and Hybrid Technologies and Innovations Across Industries as Influencers of Mobile Strategy BETHESDA, Md. — Jan. 11,...
January 9, 2017
Jan 9, 2017

Mobility predictions for 2017

2016 has been a huge year for mobile, with the AR and VR gaining momentum, but 2017 will be the year that these trends gain mainstream...
December 14, 2016
Dec 14, 2016

How QSRs Can Improve Mobile Experiences

New research from mobile solutions provider DMI suggests that quick service restaurants, or QSRs, seeking the biggest payoff should focus on a new cohort: Mobile...
September 30, 2016
Sep 30, 2016

Nothing Artificial in AI Productivity Gains

Magnus Jern is clear as to what good mobile AI development has to offer; it's not just about the front end user experience but also the complexity of back end integration, performance and...
August 4, 2016
Aug 4, 2016

Would You Want to Talk to a Machine?

Magnus Jern, president of mobile solutions company DMI, who was involved in the launch of Anna, has some advice for those thinking about using a chatbot. "In the beginning, we tried to impersonate a...
July 19, 2016
Jul 19, 2016

Are We Entering a Post-App Era?

Magnus Jern, President of mobile enterprise tech firm DMI International, thinks we're on the cusp of sophisticated aggregation services after Apple introduced the virtual assistant and other...
July 13, 2016
Jul 13, 2016

DMI and Zumata Partner for Hotel Booking Chatbot

End-to-end mobility firm DMI has partnered with AI-powered hotel distribution company Zumata to create a natural language chatbot for Facebook’s Messenger app that can provide hotel recommendations...
June 23, 2016
Jun 23, 2016

Hackers: Companies, protect your mobile apps

Today our phones are our most valuable possession and therefore also our most vulnerable. They make our life easier in more ways than one. Not only are they our link to friends, family and work...
June 22, 2016
Jun 22, 2016

Virgin Launches Cross-Industry Loyalty App

Virgin worked with end-to-end mobility firm DMI to develop the app, using a customer-centric approach that combined user research, rapid prototyping and user testing to ensure that the finished app...
June 20, 2016
Jun 20, 2016

Virgin launches Virgin Red loyalty app

Virgin partnered with DMI International to create the app in six months and it was softly launched last summer. Virgin and DMI have spent the last year rapid prototyping and user testing to ensure it...
June 10, 2016
Jun 10, 2016

Amodei skewers Allard over land bill

Speakers included Anthony Pappas, president and executive creative director at DMI; Brian Graff, CEO of the American Retirement Association; and Jeff Joseph, SVP at the Consumer Electronic...
May 29, 2016
May 29, 2016

Food & Wine with Chef Jamie Gwen

IDA RODRIGUEZ of Melissas Produce shares Sweet Summer Produce Picks and Grilling Tips. SUNNY BAJAJ highlights a new App to help you waste less food and store more...
May 29, 2016
May 29, 2016

Are we entering the post-app era?

"Siri is already an example of aggregation? as it enables the user to perform multiple tasks such as checking the weather, searching online, sending an email, scheduling a meeting, and many other...
April 29, 2016
Apr 29, 2016

Fighting Foodborne Illness Via Mobile App

Hoping to improve the above numbers, the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has partnered with mobility solution provider DMI to upgrade the FoodKeeper app, a digital deployment of...
April 7, 2016
Apr 7, 2016

Puppy Love: Meet The Dogs of DC Tech

What does every D.C. tech company with high morale have in common? Free food? Unlimited swag? Flexible vacation time? Nope. Behind every successful tech company in this town is a (few) loving office...
February 18, 2016
Feb 18, 2016

The IoT Is Reinventing Manufacturing

“It’s no shock that one of the primary ways manufacturers can engage with the IoT is via mobile apps, as this is where organizations can achieve the fastest results with the smallest investment....
February 16, 2016
Feb 16, 2016

Six trends reshaping the 2016 market

Digital Management Inc. today released its 2016 Top Six Federal Digital Trends Report, highlighting key issues to expect in the government marketplace in...
February 2, 2016
Feb 2, 2016

The year of the technological hand-off

As cloud, big data, the Internet of Things and mobility penetrate the federal service, Ganga said, agencies ought not just solve the same old problems in slightly different ways; they should rethink...
January 7, 2016
Jan 7, 2016

Top 10 mobile trends for 2016

The top 10 trends report from DMI (Digital Management Inc.) points to the customer experience, boardroom concerns over security, innovation through partnerships and mobile payments as key drivers for...
November 16, 2015
Nov 16, 2015

Privacy Best Practices for Developers

“Concerns about data collection are rising, both from a user and a collector point of view. End users, whether they are employees or customers, are requesting a higher level of respect towards...
September 28, 2015
Sep 28, 2015

Handling end user privacy expectations

“In the wake of ongoing data breaches and revelations about what the post-9/11 NSA had been up to, the average citizen is much more concerned about the privacy and security of their personal data...
September 24, 2015
Sep 24, 2015

Tim Wagner Recognition Plaque

Tim Wagner, a former senior vice president at Samsung, joins DMI as the president of the company’s commercial division. In this role, Wagner will be responsible for the management and growth of...
September 15, 2015
Sep 15, 2015

Five Ways to Invest in Privacy

“If privacy was not designed from the outset of building your business, your business can still be audited. An audit will usually try to understand how the data that your business is collecting...
September 15, 2015
Sep 15, 2015

How To Manage Today’s Mobile Device Lifecycle

“In some cases, companies use third-party sleds, cases, or other accessories to harden or expand the functionality of these consumer devices, which makes lifecycle management even more complicated...
September 14, 2015
Sep 14, 2015

Telecoms’ Key Role in the Internet of Things

“IoT is not merely a buzzword; it is a network that already exists and will provide increasing business value across all industries, telecoms included. Over the last year alone, the number of...
September 14, 2015
Sep 14, 2015

Reader Forum: What the IoT means for Telecom

“IoT presents opportunities at a scale and speed that telecoms have never before experienced. IoT is enabling organizations to create systems that are more self-directed and quickly adaptable to...
August 11, 2015
Aug 11, 2015

DMI Reveals Top Five Retail Marketing Challenges

End-to-End Mobility Company Provides Best Practices for Meeting Consumer Demands in a Mobile-First World BETHESDA, Md. — Aug. 11, 2015 — Digiday reported that 57 percent of customers won’t...
July 20, 2015
Jul 20, 2015

Mobile Apps: The Miniaturization of Big Data

DMI provides responsive web, back-office, and back-end mobile services for Google Cloud Platform to customers such as Anheuser-Busch Inbev, Vodafone, Tesco, Virgin, Unilever, Telenor, and...
June 18, 2015
Jun 18, 2015

The 3 Keys to Successful Open Innovation

“Once you know the problem, we believe it’s critical to step back and let ideas emerge all around that problem,” said Jeremy Gilman, Global Strategy & Innovation Director at...
May 26, 2015
May 26, 2015

DoD negotiating path to mobility

It's been nearly two years since the Defense Information Systems Agency awarded a $16 million mobile device management (MDM) contract to Digital Management Inc., the first wide-scale program to...
May 26, 2015
May 26, 2015

DMI: Reinventing business through mobility

DMI has seen 80% growth in the past few years. Being involved in over fifteen cabinet level federal agencies gives them insight on some of the problems inherent to the federal...
May 22, 2015
May 22, 2015

Responsive vs. Adaptive Web Design

To make matters worse, terms such as Adaptive Web Design (AWD), Responsive Web Design (RWD), HTML5 and native app development have added to the confusion as enterprises struggle to provide an optimal...
May 18, 2015
May 18, 2015

Is Google Reigniting The Cloud Price Wars?

Magnus Jern, president of the mobile application solution division at DMI, a Google partner based in Bethesda, Md., told CRN that he sees Google's move, effectively, as part of a long-running price...
May 1, 2015
May 1, 2015

Bringing Mobility to the Mission

Mobility for the mission is today’s step toward digital government.It drives cost savings, improves efficiency, and enhances real-time visibility for the...
March 3, 2015
Mar 3, 2015

8 mobile trends for 2015

"The question becomes what are you going to do as the CIO to set yourself up for the future? Are you going to buy 25,000 desktops, or are you going to buy laptops? Are you going to buy laptops and...
February 17, 2015
Feb 17, 2015

Nine Mobility Trends You Must Watch in 2015

"The trends include insights into the next generation of mobile apps, the Internet of things (IoT), phablets (a cross between a smartphone and a tablet), wearable devices and app development. With...
February 14, 2015
Feb 14, 2015

Mobile Industry on the Move February 14

"ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, provides an extensive set of international standards to businesses and industries as strategic guidelines to help companies tackle demanding...
January 22, 2015
Jan 22, 2015

It’s mobile’s world, we just live in it

"The firm surveyed analysts and experts from Apple, Google, Gartner, Forrester, Facebook, Microsoft and other companies in the retail, finance, automotive, health care, construction and technology...
January 19, 2015
Jan 19, 2015

Aerosoles Optimizes Omnichannel Experience

"To accomplish this, the team developed an omnichannel commerce and retail data integration strategy for delivering a unified and seamless experience for Aerosoles customer interactions independent...
December 11, 2014
Dec 11, 2014

Creating The Omnichannel Advantage

Retailers understand that the key to higher sales is insight. They need to know what their customers, both current and potential, like, want and expect. This is now possible due to advances in...
November 26, 2014
Nov 26, 2014

Five Steps to Omni-channel Success

As a starting point, you want to expose both consumers and store associates to in-depth product information and equip them with the ability to easily purchase any item from your full product...
November 1, 2014
Nov 1, 2014

Cool Companies

Cool perks: Cooking competitions, pet insurance and break rooms with flat-screen TVs, Xbox 360s and free...
October 22, 2014
Oct 22, 2014

7 Serious Mobile Application Security Risks

Poor coding practices result in costly weaknesses that can give attackers a pathway to sensitive data, including corporate information, said Rick Doten, chief information security officer at...
October 17, 2014
Oct 17, 2014

5 Questions: Choosing an enterprise MMS provider

With enterprises constantly looking for ways to manage operational expenses, costs related to ever-increasing dependence on mobile services have come under greater scrutiny. One model for enterprises...
October 10, 2014
Oct 10, 2014

Can CDM change the game?

Rick Roach, a senior vice president at Digital Management Inc., said he believes CDM will boost the adoption of CMaaS. He added that the level of continuous monitoring adoption varies from agency to...
October 1, 2014
Oct 1, 2014

Passwords are passé

One breach, or one intruder gaining access, can result in job loss and questioning of a security staffer's qualifications. CISOs have notoriously short life spans with one company, says Rick Doten,...
October 1, 2014
Oct 1, 2014

17 Hot Companies to Watch

DMI, which focuses on mobile enterprise solutions, recently announced that it has been placed on GSA’s $50 billion Alliant government wide acquisition contract for large businesses after already...
September 30, 2014
Sep 30, 2014

DMI Launches Secure Managed Cloud Services

Comprehensive, Secure Services Combine 24 x 7 Mobile, Network and Security Operations Management for Commercial and Federal Enterprise Clients BETHESDA, Md. September 30, 2014 — To support its...
September 26, 2014
Sep 26, 2014

100 Largest Private Companies

We asked which technology innovation in the past five years has changed how companies do business the most. Mobile technology got the most mentions – cellphones, mobile apps, smartphones, tablets...
September 19, 2014
Sep 19, 2014

Business Security Software

Before investing in the latest amazing security product then, business owners should think carefully about the nature of their business and what it requires. IT security expert Rick Doten stresses...
July 19, 2014
Jul 19, 2014

Mobile Industry on the Move July 19

Mocana and DMI Provider of mobile enterprise solutions and services, Digital Management, Inc. (DMI), and Mocana have entered into a strategic partnership. DMI will integrate the Mocana Atlas...
July 16, 2014
Jul 16, 2014

Mocana and DMI Enter Strategic Partnership

“We’re driven to find and master the most advanced technologies so we can offer our customers best-of-breed solutions. Mocana’s Atlas platform uniquely addresses a need enterprises have to...
July 15, 2014
Jul 15, 2014

Mocana and DMI Enter Strategic Partnership

DMI Integrates Mocana Atlas Extended Enterprise Platform with its Mobile Enterprise Solutions to Enhance Mobile App Security BETHESDA, Md. and SAN FRANCISCO, CA., July 15, 2014 — Digital...
June 23, 2014
Jun 23, 2014

Seven Essentials for the New World of m-Commerce

“The growth of mobile and the transition to m-commerce is breathtaking in its speed and depth. According to a recent study, m-commerce is “saturating the globe,” with mobile continuing to drive...
June 20, 2014
Jun 20, 2014

2014 Top Places to Work

At Bethesda-based mobile technology company DMI, chief executive Sunny Bajaj plays a crucial role in setting the tone around the office. Bajaj dreamed up a favorite firm event known as “Tech...
June 17, 2014
Jun 17, 2014

Managing the mobile workforce

“Initially, the focus had been [on] getting everyone comfortable with BlackBerry and having end users getting secure access to email on smartphones,” DMI CEO Jay Sunny Bajaj said. “Now that...
May 20, 2014
May 20, 2014

FBI: It’s Curtains For Blackshades

“The FBI action might help deter some developers from creating automated attack toolkits, said Rick Doten, chief information security officer at Digital Management, a Bethesda, Md.-based mobility...
April 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014

DMI scoops up Pappas Group in $15M-$20M deal

Bethesda-based mobile technology company Digital Management Inc. has purchased Arlington-based digital advertising firm Pappas Group for $15 million to $20 million. The goal is to combine DMI’s...
March 31, 2014
Mar 31, 2014

DMI Acquires KnowledgePath

Digital Management, Inc. (DMI), a provider of enterprise mobile and Big Data solutions and services, has acquired KnowledgePath, a vendor of mobile and omnichannel commerce solutions. With the...
March 25, 2014
Mar 25, 2014

DMI Acquires KnowledgePath for $22 Million

Mobile commerce is the name of the game for DMI, the quiet giant that is carefully building an enterprise mobility empire. The Bethesda, Md.-based enterprise mobility company has developed mobile...
February 24, 2014
Feb 24, 2014

Gearing Up at Mobile World Congress

DMI, a provider of mobile enterprise and big data solutions and services, introduced MovyTM, a mobile enterprise productivity platform that enables businesses to mobilize processes, strengthen...
January 22, 2014
Jan 22, 2014

Agriculture installs BYOD capabilities

The Agriculture Department is one step closer to supporting employees’ personal devices on its network. The department recently installed software capabilities to manage more than 100,000...
January 9, 2014
Jan 9, 2014

Fed leader for BlackBerry joins DMI

DMI has hired the former director of U.S. government sales at BlackBerry to beef up the company’s mobile offering, the Bethesda-based government contractor announced...
January 8, 2014
Jan 8, 2014

DMI, Samsung Partner to Provide Managed Mobility

DMI Commercial Division EVP Sam Ganga told MSPmentor that the partnership is an integral and necessary component of DMI’s suite of offerings. “We decided to embark on this strategic initiative to...
January 7, 2014
Jan 7, 2014

Samsung Debuts Mobile Enterprise Services Suite

By partnering with commercial MDM specialist Digital Management, Inc. (DMI), Samsung Enterprise Services will offer services that are meant to help businesses get their enterprise mobility programs...
January 6, 2014
Jan 6, 2014

Samsung launches enterprise services

Samsung Enterprise Services, a partnership with Digital Management Inc. (DMI), offers needs assessment, device configuration and migration and deployment services. Samsung will also add Samsung...
December 20, 2013
Dec 20, 2013

How to Avoid Mobile App Disasters

Enterprise apps for mobile users are playing an increasingly critical role for companies, thanks to ever-expanding demand for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives. Understandably, many...
December 18, 2013
Dec 18, 2013

DMI Shepherds DoD Mobile Devices

Technology firm DMI is is playing a large role in that effort under a three-year, $16 million contract it received in June for mobile device management and mobile app store capabilities. The Defense...
December 13, 2013
Dec 13, 2013

Q&A: Sunny Bajaj, CEO, Digital Management Inc.

Bethesda-based Digital Management Inc. has made good on nearly all of the plans that Ken Bajaj, its COO and a legendary entrepreneur, shared with the Washington Business Journal more than two years...
November 26, 2013
Nov 26, 2013

BYOD: The Six Essentials for Success

Harnessing the power of employee-owned devices can deliver tremendous advantages to the organizations that do it successfully. Keys to success include establishing a solid foundational understanding...
November 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013

DoD App Store, MDM Running by Year End

Digital Management, Inc., the Bethesda, Md.-based contractor that won the contract June 27, will provide the department with initial operating capability no later than Dec....
November 12, 2013
Nov 12, 2013

Samsung Knox Open For Partner Business

DMI is one of the first solution providers to partner with Samsung Knox in its efforts to make Android a stronger competitor in the enterprise space with beefed up security and simpler...
November 11, 2013
Nov 11, 2013

DoD’s Secret Sauce for Securing Mobile

The company’s secure container technology and compliance monitoring software are part of the Defense Department’s larger MDM and mobile application store contract it awarded in June. The $16...