Yes, it’s Time to Call 9-1-1 on Your Commerce Platform

Customers are bailing out in frustration. Competitors are leaving you in the dust. The system integrator you brought in just made things worse. Now, fixing everything in-house is out of the question. Times like these require a rescue team with a proven track record for optimizing digital commerce. That’s DMI. We’ve seen it all. When you partner with us, we deliver a comprehensive, user-centered action plan customized to your distinct technology challenges and market needs. We’ll help you recover lost customers and restore your competitive footing.


Make Sure Your E-Commerce Optimization Fixes the Right Things

If you have a robust commerce optimization plan in place, you need strategic advice on implementing everything correctly. Variables like accessibility, search capability and UI/UX have to be carefully configured to be sure you’re truly streamlining the customer experience and boosting site performance. DMI’s combination of strategic insight and deep commerce experience ensures that your optimization lays a foundation for flexibility and resilience in the years to come. That’s the secret of DMI’s commerce rescue team.


Get Ready to Reinvent Your Commerce Architecture

Optimizing digital commerce takes you only so far. Eventually, you’ll need a modern technology  architecture using next-generation capabilities like composable commerce, which combines microservices, APIs and best-of-breed technologies for specific business needs. You’ll also need a pathway to machine learning and conversational AI. With DMI, you’ll have a consulting partner that will keep you focused on constant improvement. Our customer-focused guidance and expertise will help you thrive in the ever-changing commerce of the future.