How DMI Helped Santa Save Christmas

Published On: December 14th, 20203 min read

In my previous blog post, I shared the story of how my plans for Christmas in 2020 were abruptly halted when the global pandemic hit—and the logistical challenges that made it appear as though I wouldn’t be able to pull off the holiday season this year. 

During internal discussions at Kringle Industries, one of my elves suggested reaching out to DMI, a digital leader, for potential solutions. Many businesses were adapting to digital options to continue operations, so we knew there was a chance DMI would be able to help save Christmas. 

The DMI team jumped right on it, and it didn’t take long before my confidence was growing, and hope was spreading throughout Kringle Industries. 

So, just how did DMI help save Christmas this year?

Managing the Elves

One of my big concerns was how to manage the elves and productivity while working remotely, and how I could safely bring them back to the North Pole. Luckily, DMI had the tools we needed. 

To track productivity, we were able to take advantage of their Mobile Managed Services to help supervise our large fleet of smartphones, tablets and laptops—all in real time. No more wondering if my elves were naughty or nice working from home. DMI confirmed their productivity and their place on the nice list. Plus, the elves and I have enjoyed a great user experience and increased efficiencies! 

And even though the elves were doing well remotely, we all wanted to be together at the North Pole. It’s where we do our best work. To help business like Kringle Industries, DMI developed Workplace Shield in response to the global pandemic. 

By having everyone download the secure mobile application, I can address multiple risks and challenges associated with the workplace in this uncertain time. The app follows Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance and provides real-time social distance monitoring, contact tracing and room sanitation checklists. This means we all felt more confident returning to work.

Transforming the Customer Experience

At Kringle Industries, we’re known for outstanding customer service. That’s what it takes to deliver exactly the right present every time. Usually, I get the data I need from in-person visits, but social distancing requirements changed things this year.

While my visits to the malls may need to wait until next year, DMI helped create an e-commerce platform so children all over the world could share their wish lists. All of my fears about being able to collect those lists and wondering if I could follow through on delivering joy around the world had vanished. Instead of whispering their wishes in my ear, the children used an app to share. It was easy to pull a list of all the toys our team needed to build—keeping us on track for another successful Christmas.


Everything was coming together at last, but there was one last challenge we had to overcome. In a normal holiday season, my job would conclude with a trip around the world to deliver the gifts. After every stop, I would cross the names off my large list and double check that every need had been met. 

But of course, DMI had a solution for that! Their software was able to track the hands-free delivery of each and every present as we monitored the progress from the safety of the North Pole. 

On Christmas Day, homes all across the world were filled with smiles and cheer. And our job was done—for this year.

That is how DMI saved Christmas this year. You can read more about the story here.