Discover the Connected Vehicle


Imagine a future where your daily routine becomes actively enhanced by the vehicle you drive. Envision your Connected Vehicle acting as your Virtual Assistant - instantly serving up the best directions to a business meeting and making lunch reservations based upon real-time nearby restaurant availability. The Connected Vehicle tracks your persona from work day to evening activities - offering up tee times at your favorite local golf course and suggestions for movies that align to your personal tastes. The Connected Vehicle improves safety, delivers both time and cost savings, and enriches the travel experience beyond today’s expectations and available choices. As a networked platform making constant data touchpoints, the Connected Vehicle stands to revolutionize the way we travel.



Intergrated Expertise from One Partner.


We understand that digitally-extending your business toward a platform model is both an art and a science. It requires a human-centric, customer-obsessed approach to designing the experience and then scaling innovation that meets the pace of change. As a unique kind of partner that brings you the design-thinking of a digital agency, the next-gen innovation of a digital consultancy, and the agile, scaled delivery of a global IT services provider, we have baked this critical balance into all we offer:

Digital Business Design

  • Connected Vehicle Strategy
  • Driver and Passenger Experience Design
  • In-Vehicle Marketing & Ecosystem Monetization
  • Brand Expansion & Evolution

Next-Gen Innovation

  • Conversational Interfaces
  • Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Intelligent Process Automation

Digital Services

  • Connected Vehicle Architecture
  • Enterprise Ecosystem Integration
  • Agile Design & Development
  • API Strategy & Integrations
  • IoT Strategy & Intelligence
  • Vehicle and Partner Commerce
  • Data & Analytics Services
  • Telematics - OTA and Direct
  • Cloud Services
  • Managed & Utility Services


Human-Centric: Driven by Choice

Serve up a customized driving experience based upon persona-specific selections.

From music subscriptions to travel services, consumers take the driver’s seat as they select the content services they want integrated into their unique driving experience. By seamlessly integrating a host of services into the single vehicle platform ecosystem, the Connected Vehicle becomes an extension of drivers’ and passengers’ daily life and eliminates subscription fatigue with a singular access point. With driver & passenger personas, the Connected Vehicle provides smart information directed to who is in the car at every moment.

Autonomous: Poised to Assist

Delight drivers with integrated & consistent digital assistance on the go.

The Connected Vehicle is a voice-activated uber-assistant that orchestrates existing digital assistants including Google, Alexa and Siri, to manage tasks and make the ride easier for drivers and passengers. On the path towards fully-autonomous vehicles, automation is purposefully placed to manage maintenance, take care of to-do list items along the route, improve safety, and ultimately turn the driver into a passenger.

Connected: Centered Around Software

Bring the outside world into the driving experience.

At the heart of the Connected Vehicle is open architecture designed to easily tap into existing networked content services – eliminating the need to reinvent the wheel. By integrating external networks, databases, applications and technologies into the in-vehicle operating system, the vehicle becomes the centralized hub for a wide variety of driver actions. OEMs set the standard for outside parties to integrate with them – avoiding the need for costly customization to integrate with each third-party system.

Data-Driven: Powered by Data

Leverage data to deliver a smarter & more enjoyable driving experience.

Powered by data science and artificial intelligence, the Connected Vehicle anticipates people’s desires and delivers personalized services to meet those precise needs. By serving up rich data in relation to driver location, learned behavior and a wide variety of other data inputs, drivers receive the most relevant information in real-time. As the Connected Vehicle learns a driver’s preferences, drivers enjoy personalized recommendations for shopping, travel, entertainment and more.