Cloud Services

Bringing innovation and industry best practices to our customers’ evolving Cloud services

Managed Cloud Services:

DMI’s cloud managed services provides you with the suite of tools and services needed to ensure a successful migration to cloud, along with the managed services required to guarantee the operational support of mission critical applications within a cloud environment. We understand that when selecting a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) one size does not fit all. But there is a challenge to selecting best-of-breed in that it increases the complexity of managing your cloud environment. Using our cloud managed services we ensure you have the CSP that is fits your requirements, that costs are managed, and you are able to mitigate risk by spreading your investments. DMI’s cloud managed services is an overlay on top of the CSP of your choice to provide multi-cloud cross platform orchestration with DMI as your single point of accountability.

DMI knows how important it is to find a CSP you can trust and who will meet your mission needs. What sets us apart from other CSPs is our customizable infrastructure, along with our reliable service and cyber security measures you can depend on.

DMI operates and maintains a private cloud with dedicated infrastructure. Our Cloud service takes a holistic, multi-faceted approach to security that is a combination of technology and human analysis. Additionally, each host in the environment is configured with real-time anti-virus and host-based intrusion detection monitoring, to detect signature-based threats.

Real-time monitoring ensures minimum down time by proactively being able to respond to any potential issue before it affects system performance. With 100% asset discovery we know what is in our environment at all times as well as the compliancy of those assets.

Our expertise and offerings include:

  • Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Cloud Managed Services
    • Cloud Business and Technical Assessment
    • Cloud Migration Services
    • Cloud Broker Service –
      • Both Private and Public Cloud Solutions based on Customer’s Requirements
      • Partnerships with the Top FedRAMP CSP’s and our Own Secure CSP
    • 24/7/365 Tier I, II, & III Service Desk and Monitoring for Cloud-based Solutions
    • Management & Operations
    • Platform monitoring is provided 24/7 by our Security Operations Staff
    • X-Platform Orchestration
  • Cloud Service Provider
    • Support Open Cloud Standards: OpenStack, OVF, and SAML in our Hosting Facility
    • Geographically Separated Data Centers
    • FISMA Compliant Data Center
    • DMI’s Backup and Replication Service
    • Customizable VM Configurations to meet your Specific Application Requirements
    • Currently DMI is in the process of acquiring FedRAMP IaaS and PaaS Certifications.
    • Platform Monitoring is provided 24/7 by our Technical Operational Staff.