Driving Awareness Through Authentic Storytelling


Driving Awareness Through Authentic Storytelling

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NCTA is the trade association that represents the U.S. Cable and Telecommunications industry. Their member companies provide broadband service to 86% of American households, and they employ at least 300 people in every congressional district in the U.S. Their challenge and goal is to maintain a high level of approval and a positive brand perception in order to avoid heavy regulation that could stifle innovation.


Cable and Internet seem like massive corporate entities, and their services are ones most people take for granted. But, reliable internet is the work of thousands of real, hard-working people across the country. And the effects of an internet connection can be life changing for individuals.

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DMI developed a creative approach to deliver on NCTA’s objectives. Traveling across the U.S., DMI talked to cable employees, interviewed customers, and captured all of the hard work that goes into bringing cable to people, and the impact of being connected. DMI used the images and footage captured to create compelling content which was leveraged in social, digital display, streaming audio, radio, video, OTT, and broadcast.

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By showing the real people and work being done, the corresponding campaign was able to reach our audience in an authentic way. This approach not only generated awareness, but led to higher engagement rates than previous campaigns.


We drove over 916,000 new users, a 7x increase YoY, to visit the NCTA website at an average $1.50 cost per new user (75% decrease YoY). This content-rich approach also led to an average session duration of 46 minutes, a 131% increase YoY, demonstrating that our audience was highly engaged.

The campaigns generated 336 million paid media impressions, with an additional 70,000 broadcast spots aired by member companies at no cost.

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