Establishing a Unique Brand & Driving Awareness


Establishing a Unique Brand & Driving Awareness

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In an already crowded market, Georgetown Biomedical Graduate Education (BGE) needed to gain awareness in order to increase applications. While not an independent school, BGE functions like one, yet no one within the organization truly understood their value proposition. This meant establishing a unique brand to stand out so that potential students were aware of BGE’s value and its offerings.


To set Georgetown BGE apart, DMI conducted research to inform positioning, messaging, and ultimately the vision: BGE’s graduate programs teach the skills necessary for a career in science while helping students demonstrate to schools and employers what makes them unique.

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The positioning and vision were the guides to bring the brand to life, which represents the diversity and coming together of students, programs, and science.
Once the brand was established, DMI concepted, designed, and executed a campaign for the Special Master’s Program (SMP) which focused on the idea that BGE provides an accessible route to your destination.

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The Special Master’s Program had its own integrated media plan built upon DMI’s knowledge on top-performing tactics and placements for higher education, and the approved media strategy. It was further rounded out to reflect current trends in the marketplace.
The plan revolved around paid social and Google display and search. These tactics were chosen because we could target specific audiences, and they were cost efficient.
Furthermore, due to the unique target audience segmentation, DMI developed a streamlined approach to provide insights on the best-performing media placements, targeting, content, creative, and more.

In addition to our overall awareness goals, to optimize our paid and owned media, we looked at intent signals and funnel progression because applicant data alone does not have the volume to make actionable optimizations. And since our marketing was full-funnel, micro conversions via increased awareness had value in powering our lead generation of macro CRM goals. This measurement strategy allowed us to create a benchmark for performance comparisons in the future because this was not established by the program before our campaign.

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In addition to creating micro conversion benchmarks, overall web traffic significantly increased year-over-year as more people were visiting the website from digital advertisements, fulfilling our awareness goal.

Overall, the website saw a 59% increase in sessions and


more new users, notably generating additional awareness of the SMP program and BGE brand.

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