Amazon DynamoDB

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Amazon AWS DynamoDB NoSQL databases


Amazon DynamoDB is a database service that offers high-quality performance at any scale and allows you to minimize operational challenges. It uses a NoSQL database, which is better than the standard relational databases or SQL databases. The NoSQL database technology is a fully managed, multi-region, multi-active, durable database with built-in security, backup, and restore with in-memory caching. DynamoDB is suitable for a wide range of applications and solutions, which include serverless web applications, mobile backend, microservices data store, IoT applications, and fully managed database solutions


Unlike relational databases that adhere to a fixed data model and rely on structured query language (SQL) to retrieve data, NoSQL databases like DynamoDB offer a more flexible approach. One of the key advantages of NoSQL databases is their ability to store schema-less data, which means they can accommodate a wide variety of data structures without requiring a predefined schema. This makes them well-suited for managing operational data in modern, dynamic environments where document-oriented database may evolve rapidly.

DynamoDB is getting increasingly adopted across industries to develop scalable business-critical applications. Whether banks need split-second detection of fraud, streaming services want to serve global audiences, or gaming companies need to support millions of players, Amazon DynamoDB can handle it faster and more accurately. 

Our experienced AWS Cloud architects have strong expertise in delivering scalable DynamoDB-based applications and help you find the right path to design, deploy, and take full advantage of DynamoDB solutions. DMI enables your IT infrastructure to leverage DynamoDB and offers the following benefits.