What We Do


Bring Order to Far-Flung Fleets of Mobile Devices

Mobile phones are always getting lost, stolen or damaged. Telecom contracts are complex and costly. Security threats never go away. Managed Mobility Services emerged to help organizations corral devices, control costs and thwart hackers. But perhaps you already know that because your MMS provider isn’t delivering on their promises. It happens. With DMI, you partner with a global leader in MMS. Our data-driven approach starts with a comprehensive assessment of your current needs and in-depth recommendations for streamlining mobile service management. Then we make it happen.


Make Life Better for Your Mobile Device Users

When it’s time to implement Managed Mobile Services, there’s a lot on your plate. Every device has to be located and secured. The habits and needs of thousands of users come into play. And you must find the most valuable insights in user data and filter out the dross. DMI’s globally recognized MMS solution starts with workshops that weigh the full breadth of your business and user requirements. We guide you to the right combination of services, partnerships and telecom contracts to satisfy your MMS needs while reducing costs and improving user satisfaction. Our unique MMS framework takes care of the rest.


Move Your MMS Into the Future

Your MMS may be working fine today. But there’s so much more you can do — especially with massive volumes of user data within easy reach. DMI can help you build data analytics models that fuel machine learning algorithms. These intelligence tools help you mine user sentiment data to develop insights for streamlining and optimizing your mobile fleet. Over time you can learn to project device requirements and anticipate problems before they get too costly. For all the uncertainties of MMS, one thing will not change: People will become more mobile in the years ahead. DMI’s framework gives you the mobility to keep them moving.