Conversational AI

Intelligent Customer Engagement
4x Increase
Converted Sales
20% Increase
Average Order Value
2x Increase
DMI helps your organization build engaging digital conversations with your customers in order to understand their intents and provide a personalized experience. From use case development and concept design to integration, deployment and management, we ensure that conversational interfaces align with business objectives and create productive and engaging customer connections through an integrated set of services.





At DMI, everything starts with the question: Why? That’s no different for the Conversational AI team. First, we aim to solve the why behind the need for conversational technology. Then, we bring in our technical expertise to demonstrate the tangible business impact the technology can have on your ecosystem. Together, through our global partner ecosystem, DMI brings only the best in class AI platforms and digital solutions to our clients, enabling them to create more meaningful connections with their customers.

“DMI completed ten days of work in two minutes via automation, drastically improving efficiency in processing customer portfolios. The team has integrated seamlessly to drive impact and results. They continue to anticipate client needs and proactively offer new ideas.”

SVP of Product, Payments Processing Firm
Fast, Efficient and Affordable AI

Global audiences and an ever-growing list of communication channels mean real challenges when it comes to responding to your prospects and customers. Whether it’s a lead asking about a product or a customer needing help with your service, your brand needs a way to respond to your audience, regardless of where they’re at and what channel they’re using to communicate. When it comes to solving these challenges, artificial intelligence is leading the charge.

At DMI, we’ve put in the work to build an AI solution that hits the ground running to help and respond to customers and prospects and help build your business’s global presence, any time, any place. Our Open API connects your CRM to all the communication channels your clients and customers depend on, giving your business a 24/7 presence that’s far more than just an answering machine.

  • Conversational phone assistants
  • Intelligent social media messaging presence
  • Responsive SMS and text messaging
  • Interactive website chatbots

And our solutions aren’t only for megacorporations. Whether your business is a start-up in its early stages or a Fortune 500 company, we provide the digital transformation your organization needs to stay relevant and responsive in a business world that never stops turning.

AI Built on Your Brand’s Voice

At DMI, we don’t create generic chatbot solutions that feel robots to your prospects and customers. The last thing you need is to sound like every other business out there. We understand that a great customer experience depends on personalized solutions to complex interactions. That’s why our design teams work with your brand to develop, build and refine your AI solution to match your brand’s voice.

  • A focus on customer journeys
  • Integration of your brand’s unique voice
  • Continuous improvement with machine learning

We also know that, at times, your customer will need to speak to a live agent. That’s why we’ve also developed systems for integrating and collecting the right information in their support journey so that, should your customers need to speak with a live agent, that agent has the tools at their fingertips to solve the customer’s problem — fast.

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