What We Do


Stay Competitive with Amazing Customer Experiences

It’s tough to keep pace with the evolution of online commerce. Mobile apps and websites constantly roll out new features to reel in new customers and keep them coming back. With new competitive threats cropping up every day, you’ve got no choice but to get in the game and play to win. DMI’s team of developers, designers and consultants take the time to understand your marketplace. Our comprehensive skills in strategy, digital commerce, artificial intelligence and data analytics can help you build a roadmap for thriving in any competitive environment.


Implement Experiences that Keep Customers Coming Back

Many companies are ready to transform their customer experience. They’ve mapped out a strategy and selected a technology architecture. Now it’s time to build their digital experiences.  DMI has the unique combination of design savvy, technical acumen and market-tested experience to bring these plans to fruition. We study your market, research your customer behaviors and implement data-driven solutions that leverage the best options in modern commerce architectures. You’ll be ready for anything the future throws at you.


Use Data and Intelligence to Create Next-Level Experiences

When you have a robust customer experience in place, it’s time to evolve. Machine learning, neural networks, edge computing and advanced analytics create opportunities to customize your user experience and place it in the context of people’s everyday lives. Mobile apps reveal people’s locations and document their buying habits. DMI’s experts can help you use mobile data to put context at the center of your user experience design. That’s the wave of the future. We’ll help you ride it to success.