Personalizing the Fitness Experience at Gyms Around the Globe

Tell me about your role as a digital leader.
I’m the CEO of Wexer, a digital fitness platform that delivers personalized gym services that are disrupting the fitness industry worldwide. Our mission is to make virtual exercise more accessible through the use of technology. We’ve grown significantly since our 2008 start in Denmark and currently partner with fitness chains on five continents and in 58 countries.

How is the fitness industry benefiting from digital transformation?
It is said that “health is the new wealth” and the fitness industry has exploded in the past decade, experiencing nearly four percent growth annually according to Forbes. Still, the conventional brick-and-mortar gym industry has lingering issues related to overall member retention. Many members are intimidated by the fitness equipment and/or do not see fast enough results from their investment in their gym experience so motivation declines and they stop attending. Wexer empowers fitness chains to meet customers where they always are these days– on their phones!

Specifically, what services does the app provide gym members?
While typical fitness apps provide basic functions, like heart-rate monitoring and step-counting, our app delivers a complete set of services unique to the fitness chains Wexer partners with, including live-streamed and on-demand fitness classes. From ballet barre to meditation to boxing, cycling and high-intensity interval training, our platform delivers a comprehensive set of workout offerings for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. Members can access gym services from wherever they happen to physically be at that moment. Folks can also upgrade their membership, book an upcoming class and purchase a protein shake. Experience it for yourself by participating in one of our on-demand fitness classes here!

How are you augmenting the value of the typical brick-and-mortar gym experience?
We like to think of our mobile app as “a gym in your pocket.” The app provides a direct line of communication between fitness clubs and their members who may not be able to get to the gym in person often enough due to scheduling, lack of confidence, traffic jams, childcare issues or any of the myriad of other reasons gym patrons skip workouts. Conversely, the app is also a value-add for fitness chains, as it sells gym services and promotes overall sales retention. We’re extremely proud of the direct correlation that exists between member use of our app and the impressive member satisfaction scores for the fitness chain we serve.

What’s next for Wexer?
We’ve set our sights on expanding beyond traditional health clubs into a broader range of fitness venues. For example, we’ve been contacted by a major hotel group in Europe interested in implementing our platform across the continent. Additionally, as corporations of all types begin to truly understand the business value of a healthy workforce, expect to see many global offices start to leverage our services. We’re extremely excited about the prospects of expanding into commercial industry.

Describe your collaboration with DMI.
We’ve had a tremendous experience partnering with DMI since 2015. DMI was originally recruited to help develop the app into a multipurpose tool, and now manages our core technologies within the app. The partnership is currently accomplishing more than ever in terms of managing content outside of the four walls of fitness facilities, as Wexer explores a commercially expansive future. We’re excited to see where the collaboration with DMI takes us!