Creating Digital Personas to Keep that Personal Touch

Tell me about your role as Digital Leader.
I’m John Heveran, the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Global Risk Solutions for Liberty Mutual Insurance, responsible for serving our large enterprise customers. Since 1912, we at Liberty Mutual Insurance have provided competitively-priced insurance products and services to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs. We operate in 30 countries and economies around the world and have more than 50,000 employees in more than 800 offices.

How is digital transformation benefiting Liberty Mutual’s customers?
One example is the way that the insurance claims process is being rapidly transformed from analog to digital. Industry economics and customer expectations demand such a change, and technology enables it. Consumers are increasingly “always connected” and seek a mobile-friendly, personalized and self-serve approach to their quote-to-buy, claims and policy-renewal journey. They increasingly demand convenience, easy-to-understand benefits and price transparency.

Thus, we continue to reimagine how we curate, consume and integrate an ecosystem of information for the benefit of our customers. As a result of our focus on digital transformation and the introduction of data-driven practices around customer intelligence and personalization, we’re able to succeed in meeting the needs of today’s savvy customers.

How is Liberty Mutual leveraging digital personas?
Customers today expect a seamless customer experience – whether it’s on their mobile devices, the web or directly over the phone. Digital personas create a framework on which we can deliver personalized experiences by leveraging data. Designing for each customer individually is not practical. Digital personas are a powerful tool for us to continue serving our customers with the personal touch that’s been a defining hallmark of the Liberty Mutual customer experience for generations.

To that end, DMI helped us to create digital personas, which are fictional characters representing the various segments of the Liberty Mutual customer base, that have helped us to gain important insights into our customers’ online and mobile behaviors, motivations, needs and technical skills so we can deliver an optimal customer journey.

How has Liberty Mutual been able to remain competitive with so many new players entering the property and casualty insurance marketplace?
We remain competitive by optimizing our portfolio and through the operational efficiencies that digital transformation and automation bring. Additionally, deeper customer relationships and a continuous delivery of value go a long way toward helping us maintain our status as the third largest property and casualty insurer, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, and simultaneously, helps us ward off competitive threats.

At the enterprise level, what is it like to collaborate with DMI?
The DMI team is fantastic! Our team has worked with DMI for the past decade. As a result of the partnership, my team has been able to widely expand our digital design and persona-mapping capabilities and skill sets. The DMI team combines state-of-the-art tools with a progressive mindset to deliver maximum value for Liberty Mutual’s investment.