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The Cloud is the Key to Modernizing Analytics

Cloud computing is reshuffling the world of analytics. Business-intelligence applications don’t take months to install anymore. There’s little need to invest in heavy-duty hardware. Automation and new applications make analytics modernization even more appealing. But here’s the rub: You’ll need knowledge and experience you probably don’t have. This is where DMI excels: We analyze your marketplace and computing environment to recommend a solution that’s just right for your business. There’s no one-size-fits-all in our analytics modernization.


Implementing Analytics Modernization is All About Your Choices

Analytics modernization pays huge dividends if you make the right decisions. Choose badly, however, and things go south in a hurry. Sometimes it’s best to go straight to the cloud and scrap your heavy iron. Or you could be better off with a hybrid mix of on-prem and public cloud. Getting it right means weighing everything: your current technologies, your long-term goals, and the analytics tools that align closest to your requirements. DMI can help you choose a flexible, scalable architecture that accelerates ROI and speed to value.  


The Next Phase: Modeling that Anticipates Business Outcomes

Modernizing your analytics puts you on the verge of dramatic gains in business intelligence. Machine learning, neural networks and an explosion of data sources enable companies to anticipate change and model potential outcomes. These shifts can make it much easier to allocate resources and enhance your customer experience. Advanced business intelligence also can help you dominate your market while constantly evolving to better serve your customers and colleagues. DMI’s guidance helps you deliver on that promise.