Inspection Platform as a Service: Using Technology to Transform the Inspection Process

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Inspections are tough jobs.

Inspectors bend over, kneel down, climb up, and reach out — for hours at a stretch in the most rugged conditions. In recent years, laptop computers and digital cameras helped inspectors automate a smattering of these tasks. But by and large, inspecting remained an analog process. That is until now.

A unique platform for inspections managed in the cloud.

DMI developed its Inspection Platform as a Service (IPaaS) offering to combine the advantages of mobile technologies, cloud computing, and advanced analytics. In this eBook from DMI, we explore the appeal of IPaaS and detail why it’s an ideal fit for inspections and surveys. We also discuss why the utility of IPaaS is not limited to inspections and how it can help any organization that conducts intensive data-gathering activities.


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